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Rifters Beta and Ethereum Outlander Mint

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Rifters, a cross-chain, cross-project, NFT adventure game opens up their first beta and reveals dates for an upcoming NFT mint. Getting into the beta requires owning a Solana NFT from Rifters or one of their partner collections, while access to the mint requires a whitelist spot.

Rifters opens up their beta and also prepares for their first mint on the Ethereum blockchain. With their original NFT collection on Solana, Rifters is quickly building a cross-chain metaverse.

The first world, called Kalinvale is already open, but only to those who own NFTs on Solana from the following collections: Solana Monkey Business, Taiyo Robotics, Mad Scientist, Degen Ape Academy, Exile, Cets on Creck, Trippin Ape Tribe, Astrals, Honeyland, The Stoned Frogs, and Rude Golems.

Any progress made during the beta is saved. Players can access the beta at

Rifters beta screenshot
Rifters beta screenshot

Ethereum Mint and DVM System

Rifters already has a collection on Solana, and in a bid to build a true cross-chain project, this next mint, for Outlander NFTs, will be on the Ethereum blockchain.

There seems to be some conflicting info about the costs and how many NFTs will be available. And I have not yet received any clarification on those. But it does seem to be consistent that the sale will start on December 7th, with a free Item mint at 4pm UTC, followed by a Character mint at 5pm UTC. This will repeat for 2-3 days, with new mints available at the same time each day.

These sales are whitelist gated. Rifters has a series of quests that are actually a semi-decent introduction to the game, and even let you earn a whitelist spot for the upcoming mint (note: whitelist spots seem to be gone now?) Owning an Exile NFT can also get you on the whitelist.

These sales will be using a system the Rifters team calls Dynamic Value Minting, or DVM. Dynamic Value Minting is a sort of gameification of the auction process. At any given point, there will be 10 tracks open for bids. Participants can bid on 2-10 tracks at a time based on their whitelist level. Whenever someone gets outbid on the slot, they receive 20% of the bid difference. eg, if I bid 0.5 ETH for an item, and then someone else comes and bids 1.5 ETH, I receive 20% of the difference, or 0.2 ETH. Most likely the bid increments will be much smaller, but that’s the idea.

This will likely cause a more than normal amount of bidding, as some folks try to game the system with little intention of actually making a purchase. We’ll see how it goes.

They posted a little preview video, and I grabbed a screenshot which you can see below. It should give you some idea of what to expect. It looks like some tracks may have different amount of NFTs. And some mention about the potential for winning extra NFTs if the winning bid is significantly larger than the previous bid.

Dynamic Value Minting in action
Dynamic Value Minting in action

Rifters NFT Collections

Rifters has a growing selection of NFTs. There are two types of playable characters, Exiles on the Solana blockchain, and Outlanders (upcoming) on the Ethereum blockchain. Both can mint and create items in game, compete for the $1 million in leaderboard prizes, stake to earn Diamonds (used for minting) and Clovers (game currency), and sacrifice themselves for $DER tokens.

Exiles can also mint Companions, be staked and locked to earn up to three additional playable NFTs on other chains, or 30 SOL in place of the character mints. If paired with an Exile, Outlanders can also join the stake and locking system to earn a Companion on the Polygon chain. Companions are special NFTs that add power bonuses to characters and also open up new storylines. These are limited NFTs, and there will only be 1 on the ETH network for every 20 playable characters.

Then there are also Items that Characters can equip. These will be available with the upcoming sale. And finally, there are Gnomes. These are only available as a reward from a mint. They earn an extra percentage back for their owners during DVM bids, and they also can be staked for Clover.

Rifters also features a rather interesting feature for their Exile characters. Exile owners can upgrade their NFTs. But an upgrade doesn’t change the character’s stats, instead it upgrades their art!

Rifters NFT

What is Rifters?

Rifters is an adventure based game that features social interactions, cross-chain NFT collections, and integrated collaborations with other NFT projects. Players use NFTs from the accepted collections, and head out on adventures for fun, glory, and rewards!

Rifters features an overarching community event, pitting DAOS of the different collections against each other. This event crosses from game into Discord and Twitter. One example of this are Demigods. Demigods are selected players who can make a ‘wish’ once per week, with the chance of fulfillment based on their social media influence and response to their wish posts.

All game progress remains associated with the NFT used to play the game. So presumably, progress in the Rifters metaverse could add additional value to these NFTs from partner collections

Rifters is also creating a game framework, allowing others to build worlds for use in the Rifters metaverse.

Rifters is about community activity, but with an adventure game built on top of that, and some other interesting mechanics that make this a project to keep an eye on. You can purchase Exile NFTs on Magic Eden, with a current floor price just above 16 SOL tokens.

To dive into the Rifters universe, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Cool Cats are joining the Rifters world
Cool Cats are joining the Rifters world
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