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Colonize Mars Closed Beta

Colonize Mars Closed Beta banner

Colonize Mars prepares to launch their first closed beta in early December. Applications are open through December 2nd. The Colonize Mars closed beta gives players a chance to get a first look at the game and also provide their opinions and feedback to the dev team.

Signups for the upcoming Colonize Mars closed beta are open now through December 2nd. The beta launches on December 6th and runs through early 2023. Players accepted to the beta should see invite emails starting on December 6th.

This is the first chance for players to see the actual gameplay for Colonize Mars.Up until now, Colonize Mars has been mostly a stake and earn game, though they did add a little Mars rover mini-game a while back. But, the ultimate plan has been to create a game simulation of building, maintaining, and running a colony on Mars.

During the Closed Beta, players can use all of the Colonize Mars items they own for testing. This includes NFTS, MARTIA tokens, and all of the special resources such as Food, Oxygen, and Fuel.

Colonize Mars resource chain
Resources in Colonize Mars

In Colonize Mars, NFTs need resources to work, creating a base demand layer for each of the Resources. Building a colony takes a lot of effort. Players will have to decide when to work together and when to look out for themselves. There can also be division within the colony, with players working on multiple projects and competing for limited resources. The Colony will have to balance new buildings with maintenance and shipping cargo in from Earth. They will also face hazards such as dust storms, that can damage and incapacitate equipment.

We don’t know exactly how much gameplay this initial beta will have. But since the team already plans to run it through early 2023, I imagine we will see updates and features added throughout the beta.

The beta will be on WAX mainnet, so no need to set up a test wallet or jump through any hoops. However everything produced during the beta will be test resources only. They can’t be withdrawn from the game and they will all be wiped before the game launch. Once the game launches, everyone will start at the same point.

constructing a building on Mars
constructing a building on Mars

What is Colonize Mars?

Colonize Mars is a strategic, colony simulation game built on the Wax blockchain. Players use their NFTs to aid in colony development and eventually create land expansions and build player-owned hubs. Players stake cards and maintain them at regular intervals to receive Martia tokens as rewards in the first Phase. Later phases will include expansion, expeditions, and discovery. The game also features Ownership cards, which earn passive income.

Colonize Mars has already released four sets of cards. Mission Four crates are only available in the game store, though they can be purchased with both WAX and Martia tokens.

Colonize Mars added a thematic mini-game to their site. This game sees players driving a rover across the Martian landscape in search of resources. The game has a Minesweeper feel to it, with players only having limited moves to try and find hidden resources. The closed beta stats soon and runs through early 2023.

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