First Look at Memeland – 9Gag’s Metaverse Project

Memeland is 9Gag’s Metaverse Project which already counts three titles: Potatoz, Captainz, and the MVP. Each project is a PFP NFT collection that will give holders benefits within Memeland.

Every Memeland collection NFTs acts as an entry pass to the Metaverse that will focus on web3 projects. The floors are quite high and their 300,000 discord members are hyped. So far only two collections are out: the MVP and the Potatoz.

You Are the real MVP

With its floor price at 28.2 $ETH in a full bear market and a supply of 420 NFTs, MVP is the top collection of Memeland. Accordingly to Memeland’s website MVP holders will get the following benefits:

  • Information regarding Memeland before everyone else
  • Private access to the MVP lounge in Memeland discord
  • Allowlist spots
  • NFT Drops
  • IRL events
  • Collaborations

MVP holders will soon mint two NFTs from the upcoming project Captainz for free.

Memeland MVP being sold for 30.24 $ETH
MVP being sold for 30.24 $ETH

The Potatoz

Potatoz is a collection of 9,999 pixelated NFT PFP Potatoes that live in Memeland’s metaverse. Each NFT has different traits and they were inspired by Internet Metes and Pop Culture. The team launched this collection as a free mint in June 2022 and it became one of the top NFT collections on Open Sea. These NFTs were dynamic and initial holders had to hold them in their wallets so that these Potatoz could grow and reach their final form. The Potatoz represent the base membership of Memeland and they are Captainz companions.

Holding a Potatoz will reward holders with:

  • Rewards in $MEME
  • Allowlist spots
  • NFT drops
  • Access to IRL events
Potatoz being sold by 1.59 $ETH
Potatoz being sold for 1.59 $ETH

The Captainz

The Captainz are the premiere NFT collection of Memeland and it will be launched in Q4 of 2022. It is a collection of 9,999 PFP NFTs inspired by Pirates, Pop Culture, and Internet Memes. Some of the benefits of minting one are:

  • There will be some rewards in $MEME
  • They are related to Treasure Islandz, a future Land NFT collection of Memeland
  • Captainz holders manage the DAO
  • More benefits and perks will be revealed in the future

The team still did not reveal the mint price. MVP holders will get 2 free mints. Potatoz holders will have a higher chance of minting one and, last but not least, there is the waitlist. The waitlist is for people who do not hold any NFT and want to mint a Captainz. People in the waitlist have the lowest chance to mint.


There are many mysteries regarding Memeland. Two of them are the utility of $MEME and its release date. But, just like every other NFT project, it will have a token.

Last Thoughts

Memeland is one of these ecosystems where NFT holders become club members and have access to secret discord channels, whitelists, alphas, DAO voting and other benefits. Personally, I think buying one of these NFTs is a risky move and everything so far is based on speculation.

So far, I am not seeing that many perks in owning one of the expensive NFTs from the project. MVP holders will get two free Captainz. But still, is it worth spending $ETH to get two other NFTs whose utility is to vote in a DAO? The answer to this question is a complete mystery and I guess it all comes down to how much you believe in the team behind the project. There is nothing concrete, just speculation and hype, a lot of hype. But as always, only invest what you can afford to lose and do your own research.