Polkastarter Gaming Announces GAM3 Awards Ceremony

Polkastarter Gaming Announces GAM3 Awards Ceremony

This is the first time leading companies and influencers have planned a major blockchain gaming award ceremony. The GAM3 Awards hosted by Polkastarter Gaming is a first-of-its-kind event that celebrates web3 and blockchain gaming and aims to empower such projects. About 200 projects will compete in the GAM3 Awards event for 16 awards that industry veterans and experts will judge. 

Community voting will be opened shortly in mid-November for the top five choices in each category, and the final results will be announced on December 15, 2022, the GAM3 Rewards event day. The first edition of the web3 gaming rewards is a new step in recognizing the efforts of blockchain game builders in the industry. 

“We called it the “GAME” awards, with a 3, to keep the focus on the actual games themselves, get rid of the web3 jargon and negative connotation, while still paying tribute to the underlying web3 tech that we believe will help shape the future of gaming.” 

Omar Ghanem, Head of Gaming at Polkastarter

Judges and Judging Criteria

The game projects will be judged based on graphics, core mechanics, replayability factors, player experience, and accessibility. In addition, all participating games must have blockchain integration; otherwise, their entry will be canceled.

The judges include Justin Kan- Fractal founder, Itai Elizur – Managing Partner at Market Across, Urvit Goel – Head of Global Games at Polygon Studios, Rachel Levin – Director of Venture & Strategy at ImmutableX and Matt Sorg – Head of Technology at Solana Foundation. 

These judges are responsible for voting on projects that will eventually decide which projects move forward in this event. An all-star jury has also been formed that includes 30+ experienced people in the blockchain industry, such as Sarutobi Sasuke – Head of Partnerships at YGG, Dan Patterson – General Partner at Sfermion, Brendan Wong – CEO at Avocado DAO, Jesper Lindquist – Senior Manager Web3 Gaming at Animoca Brands, Yoshihisa Hashimoto – former Square Enix CTO and many more.

There will be 16 categories for the jury members and the community to vote on and decide who walks away with the prize for each. The weightage of Jury votes is 90%, whereas community votes only hold a 10% weightage. Based on the jury’s nominee, 5 projects from each category will be shortlisted and opened for community voting on Polkastarter Gaming’s website.

GAM3 Awards Nominees

Award Categories and Nominees

Award CategoryNominee 1Nominee 2Nominee 3Nominee 4Nominee 5
Game of the YearIlluvium Big TimeGods UnchainedThe Harvest Superior
Most Anticipated GameIlluvium: OverworldShrapnelStar AtlasEmber SwordThe Treeverse
Best GraphicsIlluvium Star AtlasMetalcoreBig TimeMy Pet Hooligan
Best Action GameBig Time IlluviumMetalcoreGuild of GuardiansSuperior
Best Mobile GameGuild of GuardiansSplinterlandsBlast RoyaleThetan ArenaSkyweaver
Best Adventure GameBig Time Earth from Another SunMy Pet HooliganThe SandboxAurory
Best Casual GameBlankos Block PartyThetan ArenaMy Pet HooliganAxie Infinity OriginsLegends of Venari
Best RPGBig Time IlluviumAurorySIPHERPhantom Galaxies
Best Shooter GameMetalcore   EV.IO   Undead Blocks   Delysium   Earth from Another Sun  
Best Strategy GameGods Unchained   Cross the Ages   Skyweaver   Immortal Game   Cards of Ethernity
Best Card GameGods Unchained Splinterlands   Axie Infinity Origins   Skyweaver   Cards of Ethernity
Best Multiplayer GameBlankos Block PartyMy Pet Hooligan   Metalcore   Big Time   EV.IO  
Best Esports GameEV.IOMetalcore   Gods Unchained   Planet Mojo   Spider Tanks


The winners of the GAM3 Awards will share a prize pool of $300,000 from sponsors such as Machinations, Naavik, Ultra, Immutable X, and Blockchain Game Alliance. In addition, the event will also provide huge exposure to the projects and media coverage.

The “Best game in” awards will be given for categories such as RPG, Shooter Game, Graphics, Strategy Game, Card Game, Multiplayer Game, Esports Game, Graphics, Action Game, Mobile Game, Adventure Game, and Casual Game. In addition, there will be a “Game of the Year” award which will be decided by the jury members only. On the other hand, the “People’s Choice and Best Content Creator” award will be completely decided through community votes.

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