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Decorate and Earn with Clashdome

Clashdome decoration banner

Clashdome continues to build upon their customization features, adding new apartment decorations and other modifications. And now, not only can you customize and decorate your apartment, but you can even earn LUDIO in the process!

Clashdome, a suite of play and earn mini-games, offers players the chance to customize their apartment, avatar, and even some of the equipment used in their games. Now Clashdome adds the opportunity to earn LUDIO tokens with your decoration skills!

Earn LUDIO by Participating

All you have to do is add at least one decoration to your apartment. Then, every week, players who login will be presented the chance to vote on apartments. They will be shown a selection of five, random apartments. Players rate the apartments they’re shown on a scale of one to five stars. To encourage participation, players receive 10 LUDIO tokens for voting.

a few of the apartment decorations for Clashdome
a few of the apartment decorations for Clashdome

Apartment owners receive payouts based on the rating their apartment receives. Rewards are 5 LUDIO per star above one. IE, two stars receive 5 LUDIO, 3 stars gets 10 LUDIO, and so on. This will be an ongoing, weekly event.

To assist with decorating options, Cashdome have re-added some of their old decorative items to their shop. They also plan to release special packs in December. These packs each contain three new, random decorative items, from a selection of 26 new items available. Price for these packs has not yet revealed, but purchases will be made with LUDIO tokens.

In addition, Clashdome recently launched an apartment editing mode, allowing owners to freely move their decorative items around to find the perfect placement! No longer are players stuck with the default placement for their decorations! However, moving stuff around your apartment isn’t completely free. Players must spend 25 JIGOWATTS every time they want to save their apartment changes.

This is a great way to encourage greater participation in apartment decorating, generate sales for decorative items, and allow players to show off!

Clashdome apartment editing mode
Clashdome apartment editing mode

What is ClashDome?

ClashDome is a suite of single-player, mobile-friendly games, with a PFP / player housing layer on top of it. Players compete for high scores on daily leaderboards, and against each other in duels.

ClashDome currently runs five games. Endless Siege, a tower defense game, Candy Fiesta, a candy crush style matching game, Templok, a non-moving, Tetris-like game, Ringy Dingy, a kind of 3-layer tic-tac-toe, and Rug Pool, a billiards game. When dueling, players match up against an opponent and both players play a match using the exact same map / board setup. Whoever scores highest, wins LUDIO tokens. Players can choose to wager tokens for higher potential rewards.

Players who own Citizen NFTs can play basic Duels for free, earning 5 LUDIO tokens with each win. Each Citizen is a unique character, generated by their original owner. Players who want to make their own Citizen can purchase an Amnio tank and customize the Citizen to their liking.

Citizen also come with apartments, which players can decorate with a variety of cosmetic items, and upgradedwith special machines that generate CARBZ and JIGOWATTS tokens. Players use CARBZ to recharge their energy levels and JIGOWATTS to power their apartment features.

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