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First Look at Fuse Wars, a Third-Person Shooter Coming to the Theta Network

Fuse Wars

In this first look, we will cover Fuse Wars, which is the upcoming PvP Third-Person Shooter from the Colossus ecosystem. This is the perfect game for lovers of fast-paced futuristic shooters. The project interacts with the Theta Network.

Fuse Wars is the multiplayer PvP Shooter where players will fight against each other in fast-paced matches. Players will get rewards in $Tverse tokens. Fuse Wars will be the first multiplayer experience on this ecosystem and it is just a minimal version of what is to come.

The game will be free-to-play but will initially be available only for NFT holders. Nevertheless, without an NFT there will be no rewards in $Tverse tokens. The $Tverse tokens are not live and there is no information regarding their utility yet.

The NFTs

Project Colossus will release a single-player game mode and a multiplayer game mode, Fuse Wars. For this, the team launched different NFT collections and, each NFT will provide its holder with certain benefits. The game’s NFTs are in the Symbiose Creatives Marketplace.

There are four types of NFTs in Project Colossus:

  • OG Vault NFTs – This was the original NFT Drop
  • VOA NFTs – Players can get VOA NFTs by burning certain combinations of the OG Vault NFTs. VOA NFTs are updated and change with player accomplishments.
  • Fuse Guardian NFTs – These NFTs were obtained during another NFT Drop. Some of the Fuse Guardian NFTs might become VOA NFTs.
  • Token NFTs – These NFTs were airdropped to early holders of OG Vault NFTs. The orange and gold tokens will have special use cases.

Here is the complete list of this project’s NFTs and their utility:

Single Player Access

  • VROA
  • OG Vault

Multiplayer Access

  • VROA: P2E (Play To Earn) with character abilities
  • OG Vault: P2E without character abilities. The Animated Short NFT does NOT grant access to Multiplayer
  • Fuse Guardian: P2E without character abilities
  • Token: Provides unknown benefits for multiplayer if all 10 tokens are held. The gold and orange tokens will each reward a unique reward as well. Not a playable character.

Colossus Story Access

  • VROA
  • OG Vault

Raffles and giveaways

  • Token


  • OG Vault NFT (One of each)
  • Multiples of Animated Short NFTs (Including Dark War and Fuse the Guardian)

Rewards Pool

  • VROA

Fuse Wars Teaser

Project Colossus, ThetaVerse, and Fuse Wars

The ThetaVerse is an ecosystem of Web3 projects. Within this ecosystem, there will be music, film, gaming, and more. One of ThetaVerse’s projects is Project Colossus, which is an animated story and comic and also a videogame.

Then, when it comes to the game, it will be a third-person shooter with two game modes: Story Mode (PvE), and a PVP Mode, The Fuse Wars.

Resuming, Fuse Wars is a game mode of the video game of Project Colossus, which is part of ThetaVerse.

Personally, I think the gameplay and graphics look good. It is a game I feel like playing. But, when it comes to their NFTs, it is an overwhelming system that is hard to understand, especially for people who are getting on-boarded in the project.