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Undead Blocks Announces Loot Coffins

Loot Coffin in Undead Blocks

Undead Blocks finally announces the release of Loot Coffins in collaboration with GameStop and GameStop NFT Marketplace. Coffins will have weapon skins and, for the lucky ones, an NFT Weapon pack that will allow its holder to earn daily when the game is released in December. The sale will begin on the 1st of December.

This web3 zombie FPS has been growing significantly. The team organized a lot of tournaments and more than 100,000 USD were paid to participants. There are also some multiplayer gameplay leaks roaming around and now, the announcement of the Loot Coffins sale arrived.

As mentioned before the sale will take place on the 1st of December and its composition is:

  • 12,000 Common Coffins — .01ETH per coffin
  • 10,000 Rare Coffins — .02ETH per coffin
  • 3,000 Legendary Coffins — .03ETH per coffin

Loot Coffins will contain skins with different rarities and, for the lucky ones, a gold or a silver ticket. Let’s start with the skins and their rarities.

Loot Coffin Skin Rarity
Loot Coffin Skin Rarity

When it comes to tickets they are extremely rare. There is only one gold and silver ticket hidden per tier. This means that for the whole 25,000 coffins there are only 6 tickets. These tickets will give its holders the following items:

  • Common Coffin Tier: 1 Iridescent and 1 Gold Rookie Pack
  • Rare Coffin Tier: 1 Iridescent and 1 Gold Commander Pack
  • Legendary Tier: 1 Iridescent and 1 Gold Veteran Pack

Besides this, there will also be Genesis and Apocalypse packs in some coffins.

On December the 15th all Loot Coffins will be opened to reveal their content. On the same date, all weapons and skins can be used in Undead Blocks.

The ‘To The Moon’ Skin

Then, there will be an airdrop of a special limited edition skin for those who hold 10 Common, 5 Rare, or 2 Legendary Loot Coffins. This is called ‘To The Moon Skin’ and it will be revealed soon. This will be the only time this skin will be minted.

What is Undead Blocks

Undead Blocks is a Zombie Survival FPS on ImmutableX. In this game, players have to survive and kill as many zombies as possible within the time limit. It is identical to other titles in Web2 like COD Zombies or Left4Dead.

Right now, this title is in Beta, but the team has already revealed that the game will be fully released in December. Players already earned money by participating in Undead Blocks tournaments. With the full game release, will also arrive a game mode where Weapon Pack holders will be able to earn daily.

These holders will be paid in GoldZBUX, an in-game currency pegged at 0.10 USD, which will also have utility in the Undead Blocks ecosystem. When it comes to their only crypto token, $UNDEAD, its only utility so far is in the stake2mint program but, upon full game release $UNDEAD will have the following utility:

  • Purchase Loot Coffins (burn mechanism)
  • Battlepass system (burn mechanism)
  • Stake2Mint program

The team also mentioned that, at some point, Undead Blocks will become an ecosystem with multiple titles and $UNDEAD will turn into $WAGYU.

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