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Superior Early Access Launch

Superior, the roguelite third-person shooter of GALA games, is now live since November 16th for all the early supporters. Unlike previous playtests, this time all progress will be saved, so It is time to start fighting the abominations and leveling up our heroes!

Players can now start killing those mutants and stealing their powers because Superior is finally here. Drifter, the company behind this AAA title finally is releasing the early access launch without any more resets to the players’ progress. Unfortunately, those who want to play through Steam will have to wait a bit longer. Steam is where the web2 version of the game is without NFTs or any blockchain assets. For now, Superior will only be available through GALA games, the web3 version of the project.

Nevertheless, at a later stage, cross-platform will be possible, which means that players will be able to play together independently of which platform they have their account on.

This time, early access will be available only for players who hold one of the following NFTs:

The cheapest Prime Character goes for 9,200 $GALA, which corresponds to around 278 USD. All Prime Character holders received a free Early Access Pass, on November 7th, as a show of gratitude from the team.

There are a lot of new features, levels, and bosses to kill. But since this is an ‘Early Access’ version, some of the features will only be available upon full game release. This will also be a great opportunity to start leveling up characters and get a head start in Superior.

A non-blockchain version of Superior will also be launching on Steam. This launch should help put the game under the spotlight and onboard traditional players on the blockchain-powered, play-and-earn version of the game.

What is Superior?

Superior is a fast-paced action shooter on the GALA games ecosystem. In this world, superheroes turned into mutated monsters and now players, as part of humanity, must fight this threat. This can be done with the use of weapons and superpowers that can be stolen from enemies.

If a character dies he will lose all the superpowers he acquired during that play session, but he will get experience that will allow him to progress in a skill tree. The skill tree, unlike the superpowers, is permanent.

Superior is focused on co-op PvE on dynamically generated levels with an evolving storyline. Personally, I think it is one of the most fun web3 games to play to this date.

Superior Playtest Review