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Puffverse Launching PuffGo Beta Football Version

Puff Football Beta Version

Puffverse, the Disney-line 3D metaverse, will launch the beta version of Football Game Mode for its PuffGo game. The PuffGo is a multiplayer game that recently launched 4 modes during its Alpha test version. In PuffGo Football, players can use Puff Football NFTs and compete with other players to earn USDT rewards. The new mode will be officially made live on November 20, 2022.

Puffverse introduces the Football mode as the FIFA World Cup is about to get underway. The 2v2 football game will allow players to enter a football match using Passes. From the website, you can ‘Get Account’ with your Puff Genesis NFT or Puff Football NFT, which provides you with 5 and 3 daily passes for the football mode.

The Football Mode will open for two daily intervals: 10 PM to 12 AM UTC and 8 AM To 10 AM UTC. You can gather your friends to form teams and participate together. Every week three rankings, namely Score Rank, Match Rank, and Winning Rank, will be displayed, representing how well a player has performed during the entire week. 

The top 50 rankers will receive points that can be used to redeem PUFF tokens and rewards. Besides, the top 10 players based on the Score Rank will receive a weekly prize pool of $2,000.

PuffGo Football Weekly Rewards

There is also an option for guessing the result of a game. Players can choose either Win, Lose or Draw before a game starts. Each Puff Genesis and Puff Football NFT allows you to guess once. If a player makes a correct guess, then he or she will receive points. Puffverse has also announced that they will provide 10 Redmi mobile phones to players who create content about PuffGo Football Beta and upload tutorials.

How to obtain Puff Football NFTs?

If you could make it in the Whitelist free mint of Genesis, here is your other chance to get a limited edition NFT – Puff Football NFT. A Puff Football NFT public mint will be launched soon on the BNB Chain, where NFTs will be available to buy for 0.1 BNB. The sale will start on November 17th on the Binance NFT platform. You can find all the details about the sale and how to use the NFTs in this Medium post. Players will also be able to trade Football NFTs on the tofuNFT marketplace.

Puff Football - Puff Genesis NFT & Puff Football NFT

What is PuffGo?

PuffGo is a 3D competitive casual game developed on the Unity engine. The on-chain multiplayer game allows players to choose different gameplay modes and participate in various game levels using Puff characters. The main characters have their own story and customized skills that play a key role in their strength. 

Players can participate in Casual Mode, Story Mode, Knock-Out mode, and Team mode to increase ranking and rewards. PuffGo Alpha was recently launched on Android, which included web2 features only. The Web3 attributes will be added later to the official version of the game in 2023.

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