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Anichess is bringing Chess to the Blockchain

Anichess, the chess game on the Blockchain

Anichess is right now being developed and will bring classical chess to the Blockchain, but with some extra features. Imagine chess, but with magical abilities and items that can turn around a match. This project is being powered by Lympo, Chess24, and the web3 gaming giant Animoca Brands.

Anichess is a fresh project and not much is still known. What the team already disclosed is that it will be just like classical chess but with a touch of magic. They also mentioned it was inspired by classical chess but adapted to gamers.

Players will have all the chess pieces, rules, and moves from a typical chess game but they will also have the ability to cast magic and use items. This will make Anichess even more complex than traditional chess because there will be even more diversity when it comes to available strategies.

Accordingly to one of Anichess’ team members some of these magical abilities are:

  • Freezing one of the opponent’s pieces
  • Hiding the opponent’s clock
  • Teleporting one of your pieces
Anichess's Freeze Magical Ability
Anichess’s Freeze Magical Ability

Accordingly to Gametaverse Anichess was the top1 trending web3 game on August 17th.


This is a project that is still in its early stages of development and it might take a while until we see the final product or a playable Alpha. Nevertheless, it has a lot of potential and it might contribute to web3 adoption by attracting traditional chess players. There are a lot of chess platforms and tournaments around the globe, but none of these is adding extra features to the game the way Anichess is doing.

Personally, I think that Anichess is like chess but upgraded and with more content. It is like when an MMORPG is updated and the team decides to add extra dungeons, more weapons, and new skills and all of a sudden the hype of that community is renewed because there are new things to experience.

As a chess fan, I will keep this one on my radar.