TinyTap’s First Publisher NFTs Sold Out for 138.926 ETH

TinyTap's First Six Publisher NFTs Sold Out

On November 7, 2022, TinyTap, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, reported selling TinyTap’s first six Publisher NFTs for a total of 138.926 ETH, approximately US$228,000 at the time of sale at auction. This deal will generate a total of 67.7 ETH, approximately US$ 111,000, for the six teachers who created the content at the time of sale.

The NFT that brought in the most money was Learn English with Gabi, which earned its author, Gabi Klaf, 22.9 ETH (about US$37,600 at the time of sale), or over 13.4 times the average monthly primary teacher income in Israel, where she is situated.

Publisher NFTs from TinyTap significantly boost instructors’ earning potential and relieve them of the expenses and effort associated with marketing their work. Because of this creative application of NFTs, TinyTap’s teachers can carry on as usual or utilize Web3 to concentrate on what they do best – create excellent content while receiving support from a co-publisher.

TinyTap’s first six Publisher’s NFTs agreements can be seen as the groundwork for implementing a different Web3 system of education that boosts instructors’ earning potential. Each of these Publisher NFTs has a link to a collection of interactive games and other learning resources made by instructors using TinyTap’s platform.

TinyTap offers a platform free of code that enables educators to produce interactive educational materials, share them with others, and make money when students use them. Yogev Shelly, CEO of TinyTap, commented that “this program has demonstrated that it is feasible to better compensate educators for the essential work they undertake.”

The teacher expects to receive 50% of the net earnings from the bidding process of the NFTs of their Courses. Along with a 10% currently underway share of any profits generated by the Courses as a direct consequence of the NFT owner’s co-publishing enterprises and royalty expenditures from the NFTs’ secondary deals.

According to US-based creator Ellen Weber, TinyTap is on pace to achieve its goal of decentralizing education as a result of its latest move into Web3. He aspires for educators everywhere to see the strength and potential of the Publisher NFT model.

TinyTap's First Six Publisher NFTs

TinyTap’s First Six Publisher NFTs

Learn Colors with the Super Heroes: The primary, intermediate, and auxiliary colors that are a component of a children’s developmental processes are taught and emphasized in Learn Colors with the Super Heroes course. It consists of 7 lessons with 82 activities, suitable for 3-5 years old children. Check it out on OpenSea.

Math Path: The Math Path Kindergarten Arithmetic Path curriculum focuses on helping children recognize numbers, calculate, and comprehend words like “more” and “less” to assist them in developing their math ideas and abilities. Check it out on OpenSea.

Nursery Rhymes & Fairy Tales: The Nursery Rhymes & Fairy Tales course combines classic tales to teach kids the fundamentals they need to be ready for school via engaging language enrichment exercises. It consists of 11 lessons with 176 activities, suitable for 3-5 years old children. Check it out on OpenSea.

Learn English with Gabi: The 51 lessons in Learn English with Gabi, an extensive and varied English learning curriculum for second graders, cover topics including colors, animals, fruits, numbers, and more. Check it out on OpenSea.

Learning with Animals: The Learning with Animals course incorporates math, science, and social studies and is built around the thematic unit of animals. Check it out on OpenSea.

My Life Skills Box: The My Life Skills Box course teaches youngsters how to deal with three crucial life skills that center on Life skills like dressing oneself and cleaning one’s teeth. Check it out on OpenSea.

About TinyTap 

TinyTap, the most extensive collection of educational games in the world, is a division of Animoca Brands. It has more than 200,000 activities created by publishers and educators, including Sesame Street and Oxford University Press

TinyTap’s code-free authoring platform is used to develop the games, which parents may access as part of their membership or buy separately from TinyTap as packages known as Courses. Based on their material’s user interaction, content providers receive a percentage of subscription revenue. Instead of waiting for pay increases and for education to become more relevant, communities and educators may collaborate to produce high-quality learning content while sharing profits by leveraging Web3.

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