The Kuniverse Sandbox Event is live with a 500,000 SAND Prize Pool

Kuniverse Event

Kuniverse is a digital gaming metaverse announced by Argentine football player Sergio Aguero in partnership with The Sandbox. The metaverse platform opened the Kuniverse on November 8, 2022 to the public and announced a $500k $SAND prize pool for players. The Kuniverse Avatar holders will also get a chance to visit the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup.

The $500K SAND Tokens prize pool will be equally divided between regular players and Avatar holders. To be eligible for receiving prizes, players must complete all the quests in the Kuniverse metaverse. In addition, Kun Aguero Avatar holders must hold the NFT in their wallets till the end of the event to be eligible for the Avatar Holder reward pool. 

Kuniverse Avatar Mint Event Prize Pool

Besides the prizes, all participants will earn Kuniverse Memorabilia. In addition, each Avatar also provides one chance to win a trip to the Qatar world cup and meet Kun Aguero in person. If you are selected, a free round-trip tour to Qatar for 4 nights will be sponsored. The Kuniverse event will end on November 22, 2022, and reward pools will be distributed on November 30, 2022.

Total of 9320 unique and randomly generated metaverse avatars in Kunverse can be minted on the official website by connecting a wallet. After getting the NFT, the event can be accessed by entering the Kuniverse, where you can complete quests such as “Raising the flags,” “A Helping Hand,” “The Eter Supply,” “Retrieve the Ticket,” “Show off,” “Score 3 goals” and many such challenges. The quests can be completed by moving around the world using your NFT Avatar. A map on the top right of the screen will display your position.

Kuniverse Avatars

About Kuniverse

Kuniverse is a gaming metaverse where fans from all over the world can participate in football tournaments and play quests inspired by the games of Sergio Aguero, aka Kun. The first season of Kuniverse will contain 9320 avatars in the form of unique NFTs. Players can use these NFTs to access esports tournaments and music events. Each Avatar will have five levels of rarities, such as Football Kun, E-Kun, Future Kun, Robot Kun, and Special Kun, in the order of decreasing rarities. 

The Avatars represent the different styles and attires of Sergio Kun. In addition, Sergio Kun himself will have an active role in Kuniverse, where he will welcome players by playing live and sharing content through his Twitch channel.

Since joining the club, the Argentine striker had been a top goal scorer in each season at Man City. After his retirement, Kun launched KRU, a new eSports club, and continues to connect with his fans through new technologies.

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