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Square Enix Announces First NFT Game Symbiogenesis


SQUARE ENIX just unveiled Symbiogenesis, its first original digital collectible art project created for Web3 lovers. The business made its ambitions public during Web3 Conclave; an occasion hosted as part of the India Game Developers Conference (IDGC), which hosts attendees worldwide. 

Many rumors suggested that Symbiogenesis would be the rebirth of the long-dormant Square Enix franchise Parasite Eve under a new moniker, but it is not true. Symbiogenesis, set in its universe with a sizable cast of symbiotic characters that may be assembled as digital art, is anticipated to launch its browser service in 2023.

About Symbiogenesis

The plot of Symbiogenesis appears to take place in a parallel universe where the player must solve puzzles involving the distribution and monopolization of resources to solve a mystery. Square Enix stated in a news release that “more of the story develops with each strategic move players make.” In addition, Square Enix is ascribing preliminary work for other publishers to enhance NFTs.

Symbiogenesis takes place in a self-contained atmosphere with a large cast of characters, “symbiosis,” that may all be collected as digital art, along with an interactive narrative and virtual communities. These art NFTs will be a part of the story as characters solving a series of missions related to themes of “monopolization and distribution of resources.”

The game is an entirely new project for Square Enix, and is tentatively planned to launch on Ethereum in spring 2023. After successfully launching Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider, Square Enix has focused on Web3. The Japanese company is now planning to launch its first game that will utilize NFTs and focus on storytelling.

Square Enix entered the Web3 industry in 2021 through the Japan-only production of NFT “digital stickers” for the anime and video game brand Million Arthur via the LINE blockchain podium in partnership with Web3 company Double Jump Tokyo. That following year the publisher noted an increase in ambitions in the blockchain space, including the NFT-powered. 

Square Enix

Enhancement of NFTs

Square Enix isn’t the only Japanese publisher struggling for the NFT title. During Sega’s recent report, the Sonic maker reassured that it was looking to launch a Super Game by March 2026. For its idea of introducing Super Game, Sega plans on using NFTs to make it a reality and “create a game so mutinying that it attracts far more users than any of the group’s games.” It has also been confirmed that Sega’s first blockchain game will launch on Oasys blockchain. Another publisher that’s joining the race of technology is Konami.

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