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9Tales Open Alpha Launch

9Tales Alpha Launch banner

9Tales, a new web3 enabled TCG in development, just launched their open alpha. In addition to getting a chance to try the game, alpha players can earn prizes along the way!

Ready to try a new web3, TCG style game? Then the 9Tales open alpha might be what you’re looking for!

The 9Tales alpha is completely open and free to play. You don’t even need to connect your wallet to try it out! But if you want to earn tokens during the alpha, you need to own a 9Tales NFT from either the Genesis or Vanguard collection, have an allowance from a partner project, or complete missions in their Discord server. Players who own 9Tales NFTs can earn a little more than the other players.

Genesis and Vanguard NFTs will provide ongoing benefits throughout the life of 9Tales. This includes airdrops, access to exclusive tournaments, and bonus token earnings. You can check out the collection on Open Sea. . And though you don’t need to connect a wallet to play, the team hinted that those who do may receive a special prize later on.

Play to Earn in the 9Tales Alpha

During alpha, players can earn a special token called YDFA. YDFA is a blockchain token, but the team has no plans to provide liquidity for it or get it listed on any exchange. This is meant as a temporary alpha token only.

potential earnings in 9Tales alpha
potential earnings in 9Tales alpha

But the token isn’t useless! Players can claim their tokens once per week and use them to purchase mystery boxes. These boxes can be traded or opened for special prizes.

The team plans to iterate on the game during alpha, adding new features and additional cards. They’ve already pushed a couple of small patches out in just the first few days! Head over to to check it out!

What is 9Tales?

9Tales is a play and earn, collectible card game. Though it has a familiar look and feel, 9Tales plays out a little differently than other games.

Each turn, players alternate playing cards onto the board. Then, the game moves into the battle phase. The battle board for 9Tales consists of both an attack and a defense section. Attackers match up against opposing defenders. Players move cards from their play zone to the attack zone, with a maximum of four attackers per turn. Both players choose their attackers, the cards are revealed, and then each player chooses cards to defend with. This creates an important strategy component as players must decide how to allocate their units each turn. Do you want to make an all-out attack, or leave units in reserve for defense or possibly ambushing low health attackers?

After the players select their lineups, the battle begins. Each unit does damage to the card opposite it, or the opponent directly if there is no defense. Once the battle resolves, all cards with zero health are sent to the respective graveyards.

9Tales gameplay screenshot
9Tales screenshot

In 9Tales, cards have levels. Add up the card levels in your deck to calculate fortune, which determines potential earnings from playing the game. In addition, each card has energy. Playing a match uses up one energy for every card in the deck. When a card runs out of energy, it no longer adds to the fortune rating. This forces players to either limit their daily earnings or switch between decks. This also gives players a reason to keep multiple copies of cards they like.

Players level up their cards by combining multiple cards and paying a fee in $NIT (the official game token). At level 9 (the maximum), cards become Foil versions. Foil cards add a significant amount of fortune to your deck when used, and they also have a chance of minting a level 1 copy for you after you win a match! In an effort to keep the game from becoming pay to win, card levels have no effect on gameplay. The team also plans to develop a number of different game modes to appeal to a wide variety of players.

For more information about 9Tales visit the official website, follow the announcements on Twitter, and join their Discord community.

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