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First Neutral Summoner in Splinterlands

Splinterlands Lux Vega banner

Splinterlands introduces us to their first ever Neutral Summoner. This Legendary card will be available for one week only, and anyone who attended the recent Splinterfest will receive a promo code for a special discount during the sale!

Splinterlands held their Splinterfest in Las Vegas earlier this year, where they first announced this special promo card. Named Lux Vega, this legendary card is the first ever Neutral Summoner for the game. That means that she can be used in almost every battle!

When selected for a battle, Lux Vega can choose one of the five basic elements to use cards from. Cards belonging to the Dragon element will not be available. But in addition to being versatile, Lux Vega also offers other bonuses. Specifically, she provides +1 armor, +1 speed, and +1 health to your entire team! Pretty sweet!

Lux Vega, Neutral Splinterlands Summoner
Lux Vega, Neutral Splinterlands Summoner

Lux Vega Sale

Only 1,000 of these cards will ever exist, though every one will be level 4, which is the highest a Legendary card can get. The sale opens on Tuesday, November 16, 2022 at 4pm EST. Interestingly, payments must be made in DEC tokens. One million per card, which equates to a little under $1000 at today’s prices. It’s a hefty price point, though those with Splinterlands Vouchers can reduce the cost. Up to 500 Vouchers can be used, with each one applying a $1 discount.

But an even better deal awaits those who attended the Splinterfest. Attendees should receive a special promo code before the sale. General admission attendees receive a promo code for a $300 discount off the base price. They can also use up to 350 Vouchers to reduce the final price to 350k DEC.

VIP ticker holders get an extra special bonus. They receive promo codes to purchase a guaranteed gold foil Lux Vega card for 3 million DEC (~$3,000). They can also use up to 1500 Vouchers to reduce that price by up to 50%. If a VIP holder decides that they would rather have the regular promo code instead, they can contact [email protected] to make that change.

239 cards are reserved for Splinterfest ticket holders whoe have seven days to use their promo codes and make a purchase. Any unpurchased cards after that will be burned. So, in all likelihood, there will actually be less than 1,000 of these cards in existence!

The sale runs until November 22nd. Each regular Lux Vega card purchased has a 2% chance to be a Gold foil version. The sale will be in the official Splinterlands store.

The Splinterlands team has been putting a lot of effort into bringing DEC back to the expected par, where 1,000 DEC = $1, and this is obviously another part of those efforts. And indeed, it seems to be working, as the price of Dark Energy Crystals has steadily climbed over the past couple of week and is within 10% if hitting the expected peg value!

latest Splinterlands roadmap
latest Splinterlands roadmap
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