Top Play-to-Earn and NFT Games of the Week – November 6

top play-to-earn games

The crypto markets looked good this week, with many tokens seeing significant upticks. Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), the basic token for Splinterlands, quickly approaches it’s expected peg value of 1000 tokens to $1, by jumping in value by over 40% this past week!

Let’s check in on the top activity for web3 games and the NFT projects.

Top play-to-earn games by active users

GameActive Users 7 daysChange
1. Alien Worlds301k-14.98%
2. Splinterlands298k+1.07%
3. Benji Bananas160k+1.58%
4. Trickshot Blitz119k-19.15%
5. Farmers World93.5k-5.46%
6. Upland75.6k-9.14%
7. Axie Infinity58.3k-11.58%
8. Tiny World41.88k+26.63%
9. Era7: Game of Truth41.83k+35.63%
10. PlayMining34k-0.59%

Though the crypto markets overall have been positive this past week, we see quite a drop in active users among a number of our top games. This made room for a surge from Tiny World and Era7: Game of Truth to push them into the top 10.

Top 10 NFT collections

CollectionVolume traded 7 daysVolume Change
1. Art Gobblers$18.95M+100%
2. Art Blocks$6.7M+77.84%
3. Gods Unchained$5.51M+7.74%
4. Bored Ape Yacht Club$5.46M+7.2%
5. CryptoPunks$5.08M-15.41%
6. Otherdeed for Otherside$3.99M-21.26%
7. Mutant Ape Yacht Club$2.58M-1.5%
8. Clone X$2.3M+21.26%
9. KPR$2.21M+100%
10. Azuki$2.07M-18.1%
Source DappRadar

Much like the top 10 for active gaming users, the trading volume for some of our top NFT collections fell drastically. And the new buzz project, Art Gobblers, catapulted over everyone to pull more trading volume than the next three projects combined!

Another new project, KPR, which hasn’t even had a reveal of their NFTs yet, has seen massive trading activity. We’ll see if these two hot projects maintain their status over the coming weeks.

And Gods Unchained still holds a special spot as the only gaming project in the top 10 trading volume for NFT collections!

Top announcements of the week

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