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Deposit Synergy of Serra Crates for Unlocking

Synergy of Serra unlocking event

It’s been over a year since Synergy of Serra first opened their Crate sale. And now, at long last, the time for unlocking and opening those crates is nearly upon us! But, first, Crate owners must deposit their crates and enter a lottery to see which Crates are opened first.

Starting on November 6th, 2022, owners of Synergy of Serra Crates can deposit them for the initial unlocking event. Scheduled for November 20th, the unlocking event flags deposited Crates as available for opening and generates the cards inside. Each Crate deposited is assigned a random position in the unlocking queue. When the time comes, the system will first unlock the crates in queue order, generate the cards inside. Players don’t need to be present for the event. Since the cards inside will already be created, players can open their Crates at anytime afterwards to see the results.

special promo cards for early adopters
special promo cards for early adopters

Transcendent Crates

Synergy of Serra has two types of Crates — Transcendent and Base. Each one holds six cards, usable in their upcoming card game. This unlocking event is for Transcendent Crates only. Each Transcendent Crate is guaranteed to hold one Rare card. Overall rarity distribution should be about 58.33% Common, 36.67% Rare, 4.17% Epic, and 0.83% Legendary cards. Cards come in four qualities, with Gold the rarest. Gold cards will be animated.

Transcendent Crates also have a chance to contain a unique Artifact. There are 12 Artifacts in all. We don’t know much about Artifacts, but apparently they will have a significant effect on gameplay. And while there are 12 Artifacts allotted to the Transcendent set, their minting is not guaranteed. The RNG Gods will have a say in it, and there could be some Artifacts that are just never discovered!

Once the unlocking completes, any remaining Crates can be opened at any time. The initial queue is designed to give all players a chance to discover one of those coveted first mints. And though owning a low mint card doesn’t provide any sort of advantage, some collectors put great value in the mint number.

Alpha Fame interface
Alpha Fame interface

For those who want to continue to hold your crates, the staking pool for Alpha Fame remains open. Ten million Alpha Fame points are distributed weekly, with updates every two seconds. So anytime a Crate is removed from the staking pool, all of the remaining Crates immediately start receiving a little more Fame!

Alpha Fame has no use at the moment. But in the future, it will be redeemable for exclusive game items. Fame is not a tradeable currency. It can only be earned!

What is Synergy of Serra?

Synergy of Serra is an upcoming free-to-play, web3 card game. Synergy of Serra gameplay features an interesting deck mechanic where at the start of a match, both players add their decks to a shared pool. During the game, players can purchase cards from this pool to add to their discard pile, which gets reshuffled into their deck on a regular basis.

At launch Synergy of Serra will offer 100s of cards to players, divided in four different sets: promo set, starter set, base set and the transcendent set. Everyone receives access to the starter set of 200 free cards. These cards are not NFTs, but players can still use them to play the game. Other sets are NFTs.

The basic card types are Units, Attachments, and Power cards. Scarcity is measured through the rarity and the quality of a card. A legendary golden card is the most scarce, while a painted metal common card is the most common.

Synergy of Serra runs in seasons, with each one taking one to four months. Closed alpha expected in 2023.

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