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Sunflower Land Roadmap and Land Expansion Update

The most played crypto farming game is close to another massive update. Wearables, new materials, limited energy, and land expansion are just some features that will be added to Sunflower Land. The roadmap was also updated to reflect all the changes the team will bring to the project.

So far every player has the same amount of space and the same layout to build his farm on. But that will change with the upcoming updates. Besides having to decide which crops to plant or which animals to raise, farmers will also have to manage their farm’s layout and limited space. This update will bring Sunflower Land closer to the typical farming game where there is more freedom in choosing where and what to build.

All of this will be possible in the Sunflower Isles, the new area of Sunflower Land where every player will begin their journey. After getting to a certain level it will be possible to expand to an island.

Sunflower Isles
Sunflower Isles

Another feature that will change the way Sunflower Land is played is wearables. Every player will have a Bumpkin NFT that can be equipped with SFT (Semi Fungible Tokens) like hats or pants. Besides this, each bumpkin will also have energy and a level, and by feeding the Bumpkin its level will increase.

Like this, Sunflower Land will get closer to the RPG genre, and there will be more diversity regarding possible farming strategies.

Bumpkin NFT

Players can already mint their Bumpkins and equip them with some of the SFTs available on the website or on OpenSea. The bonuses this equipment provides will not have an effect on players’ current farms, but these items have a limited supply, so it could be wise to mint the Bumpkin and gear it up in preparation for the upcoming update.

What is coming to Sunflower Land?

Last but not least, there will be new activities like fishing and beekeeping. Bellow, there is a list of everything that will be implemented in Sunflower Land’s Metaverse accordingly to their roadmap:

  • NFT Land Generation
  • Land Customisation
  • Random Resource Generation
  • Land Expansion
  • Construct Buildings
  • Move and place SFTs
  • Bonus Buildings – Tent, Markets, Water Well
  • Decorations
  • Bonus resources
  • Level gated islands
  • Mint Bumpkin NFT (free for Sunflower Land players)
  • SFT Collection
  • Art Design
  • Dynamic Profile Picture Image Generator
  • Website
  • Shopfront for collection
  • Soul-bound SFTs – potions, hair, items. Burn on application
  • Equip and send items to your Bumpkin NFT
  • Load and use equipment in the Sunflower Land game
  • Community Art Contributions
  • Cooking
  • Stamina replenish algorithm
  • Feeding Bumpkin
  • Skill System
  • Achievements
  • Fishing
  • Honey / Bees
  • Social Farming
  • Guilds

What is Sunflower Land?

Sunflower Land is, right now, the most popular crypto farming game. Players start with just a small land space available and, by feeding goblins with their favorite dishes, more land space will become available. Eventually, there will also be the option to grow animals, like chickens and cows, and to harvest other resources like wood and iron.

Then, players can sell crops for $SFL, use them as ingredients in dishes, and mint NFTs, while all the other in-game resources’ utility is to mint NFTs. These NFTs can provide in-game bonuses like a higher yield when selling crops or can be sold to other players in secondary markets for a profit.

The team also released the war feature, where players can provide various materials and sometimes $SFL to get War Bonds, which can then later be used to buy NFTs.

Personally, I like the game and its retro graphics, but I also think that as it is, Sunflower Land is not sustainable in the long term. Hopefully, this will change with new features like the energy system, more sinks for $SFL, and for all the in-game resources. Nevertheless, the team is doing a great job and, consequently, Sunflower Land has now one of the largest communities in NFT Gaming.