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Ascenders Partners with Double Protocol for NFT Rentals

Ascenders x Double Protocol Partnership

Ascenders, the sci-fi RPG, has partnered with NFT rental platform Double Protocol to integrate NFT rentals for Ascender NFT Lands. The Land NFTs are small land parcels in Ascenders world that provide several utilities to land owners. The NFT rental facility offered by Double Protocol will now allow users to get benefits from the NFT without actually buying it.

Players in Ascenders can try the rented NFTs before deciding to buy them. This concept would attract many players who refrain from investing in in-game NFTs. Furthermore, the lower rental price will easily allow players to try new NFT lands. On the other hand, players who already own NFT lands can lend, rent and sublease their lands on Double Protocol. In this way, Land owners can generate parallel revenue by renting out NFT assets to other players.

About Ascenders Land NFTs?

NFT lands in Ascenders are small land parcels in the Ascenders world that are close to the Seedships and can be purchased and developed by players. The NFT lands can be bought from the marketplace or earned as rewards from tournaments. They provide several utilities to land owners besides being the critical component in the economy of Ascenders. 

Land owners will receive a portion of the resources grown or processed by other players on their land. Owners can use strategic skills to build specific gameplay structures on their land that will cater to a large number of players. All NFT lands are unique and have different terrain and layout. Each plot of land has a distinct topography, including hilly grounds, forests, and plains. 

Ascenders Lands

About Double Protocol

Double Protocol is an NFT rental platform for in-game and metaverse assets. The fully decentralized platform uses a dual-role NFT standard EIP-4907 that enables the separation of ownership and usage rights easily. 

The new standard introduced by Double Protocol reduces the integration costs of NFT leases for games, metaverse, and other NFT sectors. The platform supports the rental of virtual land in Decentraland and in-game assets in the GameFi project Warena. It also offers Web3 Domain Subscription alongside other web3 products.

Double Protocol raised $1.5M in a seed round led by Matrixport, Shima Capital, Youbi Capital, Red Building Capital, and LucidBlue Ventures in March this year. They also partnered with the play-to-earn Battle Royale PC game Katana Inu to develop and integrate NFT rental features for the Katana Inu ecosystem.

What is Ascenders?

Ascenders is a blockchain-based open-world game focused on building a player-driven economy. The game is built on the Avalanche blockchain and has a dual-economy system. The world of Ascenders is known as Ascension, which is a large area of diverse landscapes where players can fight, build and explore. 

The game includes NFTs of weapons, armor, skins, and resources that players can use and trade. Additionally, a player can choose among the game’s three roles: Explorer, Fighter, and Builder. 

As an Explorer players can freely explore the Ascenders world and uncover hidden lands and rare resources. As a Fighter, players have to defeat monsters inside dungeons and clear up the land before construction, and as a Builder, players can build silos and refineries to improve productivity. 

Ascenders has two in-game tokens, glow gem – the utility token, and the Ascenders Governance Council ($AGC) – the governance token.

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