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Joyride Announces Carrom Blitz

Carrom Blitz Blockchain Game

Built on Flow Blockchain, Carrom Blitz is the newly announced game by Joyride, in which players can participate in virtual carrom tournaments and earn $RLY prizes. The Carrom Blitz is a classic game with blockchain features similar to the recently published games by Joyride, such as Trickshot Blitz and Solitaire Blitz.

Carrom is a popular indoor game in India and Southeast Asia as families widely play it at social events and many at clubs. According to DappRadar, Joyride’s traffic indicate that more than half of the searches come from Southeast Asia. This is the reason why Joyride came up with the idea of launching the Carrom Blitz.

Carrom Blitz Gameplay

Carrom Blitz allows players to play in different match formats and compete with opponents for rewards. The UI of the game has a classy look and features trick shots that are generally played in a real carrom match. There are multiple tournament formats, leagues, and weekly challenges. 

The matchmaking system matches each player to an opponent having almost the same skillset to maintain fair play. Once a player is matched, the tournament starts and whoever wins the game earns prizes and tokens.

Carrom Blitz Matchmaking

The game consists of seven white pucks and one red puck (Queen). A player needs to pocket all the white pucks and the Queen to win the game. A Striker at the bottom of the screen can be dragged using the slider. Pull back, aim and adjust your shot and release the Striker to shoot pucks. 

After a puck is hit into a pocket, the pocket points will rotate around the board. Each of these pockets has a predefined point that is transferred to the player to pocket a puck. If a player misses a shot, the Striker is lost. Players can also receive bonus points for making trick shots and shooting pucks in minimal time.

Carrom Blitz Gameplay

The Carrom Blitz contests can be accessed through the “Contest Tab” under the Playground feature. Some contests are locked until a player reaches a certain XP level. Players will receive coins, tickets, and $RLY tokens on winning a match.

Tickets, Boosters, and Coins

Tickets: Players can receive Tickets by participating in the special events and daily challenges. The ticket count is set to 0 at the end of every season. These tickets can be used to compete in Seasonal and Special events to win $RLY Tokens.

Boosters: Boosters are special rewards awarded to players after completing milestones and have an expiry time. The XP booster doubles the XP gained, and the Coin booster doubles all coins.

Coins: Coins can be used as entry fees for different formats. Players can earn coins by watching ads, referring friends, and playing matches.

Carrom Blitz Special Rewards and Challenges

What is $RLY Token?

$RLY is an ERC-20 utility token of Carrom Blitz. The developers used RLY, a native token of Rally – a protocol that allows creators to launch tokens and build a digital economy. They used this existing token as in-game currency so that the game will get benefited from exposure to the RLY community, as it is already traded on multiple platforms. 

Players can earn $RLY tokens by participating in matchmaking tournaments. These tokens will be stored in the Joyride wallet and can be deposited using the Metamask wallet. $RLY has a maximum supply of 15 billion with a current supply of 3,025,250,369 tokens.

About Joyride Games

Joyride Games is a game development platform aimed at powering blockchain projects. The company has a team of experienced game developers with ecosystem partners such as Mirana Ventures, Dapper Labs, Solana Ventures, SuperLayer, and Coinbase. 

Joyride’s games are built using the Unity ecosystem and focus on developing blockchain-powered casual games. Some games they have developed are Solitaire Blitz, Tennis Champs, and Trickshot Blitz. The Trickshot Blitz game saw 213% growth in users and 115% growth in transactions at the start of this month. It was also listed in the top 10 among gaming dApps.

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