SolChicks Launches Catheon Gaming Ecosystem

SolChicks Catheon Gaming Ecosystem

The team behind SolChikcs, an NFT-powered fantasy game on the Solana Blockchain, has announced a new gaming ecosystem named Catheon. The Catheon ecosystem will house several future games which are currently under development. In addition, they have introduced the CATHEON universal token, which will replace the present $CHICK token of the SolChicks game. Also, a new NFT marketplace Catheon Storefront has been launched by Catheon exclusively for blockchain gamers.

Catheon is a new gaming ecosystem launched by SolChicks that will host the SolChicks game itself and publish 25 upcoming games which are under development. The company will be operating four verticals: Development and Publishing for leading blockchain gaming portfolio, Catheon Labs for consulting and advisory, Catheon Metaverse for interoperable Hub, and Catheon Gaming Center as a distribution and marketplace platform. 

Catheon Ecosystem

The SolChicks Token $CHICKS will be officially rebranded as the universal and utility token $CATHEON that will be used across the entire Catheon ecosystem.

The main aim of rebranding SolChicks and starting a new ecosystem is to create a bridge with major blockchains. In addition, the developers claim that the official utility token, $CATHEON, will be one of the crypto industry’s largest and highest-quality blockchain gaming portfolios. 

What Will Happen to the SolChicks Game and Token?

The Solchicks mini-game will continue to operate within Catheon Ecosystem, and all staking functionalities will be paused during the transition. All swapped $CHICKS will be burnt, and users have to swap $CHICKS token for $CATHEON on the swap dashboard.

SolChicks Token Distribution
SolChicks Token Distribution


The $CATHEON is the universal governance and utility token of the entire CATHEON metaverse. The token will be used across the four diversified domains of Catheon. The use cases of $CATHEON include ecosystem utility beyond the game portfolio of Catheon, governance of the entire ecosystem, as a universal currency for game purchases, as a payment method for Catheon Labs, and much more. It also provides incentives to users who have actively participated or contributed to the Catheon ecosystem.

Currently, CATHEON tokens can only be obtained by swapping $CHICK tokens. There is no public or private sale for the tokens. But from October 24, 2022, the CATHEON token will be available on DEXs and CEXs. The total allocation of $CATHEON tokens is 10 billion. Fifty percent of all the ecosystem revenue will be reserved for player incentives.

SolChicks $CATHEON Token

What is SolChicks Game?

SolChicks is a fantasy MMORPG PvP play-to-earn game involving small chicken characters that engage in battle races. Players can buy the main characters or SolChick collectible warrior chickens and race them with other chickens to earn rewards. Additionally, players can collect chickens and breed them. 

Rewards can also be obtained when a player spends time competing in missions with the SolChicks NFTs. There are total of 10K unique SolChicks, each having different features. There are many ways in which players can earn money in SolChicks, such as finishing missions, competing in PvP battles, or trading SolChick NFTs. Check out the game’s official website for more information.

The closed beta version of the game was recently launched on October 15, 2022.

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