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MetalCore Alpha Returns with New Servers

MetalCore banner

The MetalCore Alpha launched earlier this month with servers in both North America and Asia. Now with new EU servers, MetalCore plans to re-open the game this weekend with specific sessions for each region.

The MetalCore alpha offers a chance for players to try and out and test this massive, multiplayer, FPS. The alpha is available to those with MetalCore NFTs or game access codes. Players have free access to the Infantry and Mechs during this phase of the alpha. Other Vehicles and unit types should become available as the alpha progresses.

MetalCore alpha
MetalCore alpha

As for this weekend, the servers will be open on October 27th, 28th, and 29th in different time slots.The Asia server opens from 6am-9am (all times in PST), the EU server from 12pm-3pm, and the North American server from 6pm-9pm.

MetalCore already released a major patch since their alpha launch. The 1.1 update brought a number of bug fixes as well as the addition of Squads. Squads are basically parties, allowing players in a Squad to share a chat channel, and see each other’s status on their interface. This is a great addition for guilds, and for any small team coordination during the larger battle. Players can join and leave squads at anytime, making them flexible as well.

So far, players have been giving positive reviews to their game experiences. And the graphics look great on the videos!The recommended system specs for playing the MetalCore alpha are:

Minimum Specifications for OWA:
PC running Windows 10 (64-bit versions)
Intel Core i5 Processor, or AMD equivalent
8GB of System Ram
NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB.(or equivalent generation)
Direct X: Version 12
Broadband Internet connection required for playing
30GB of storage

What is MetalCore?

MetalCore is a web3-enabled game that is a cross between Planetside and Battlefield. It’s a first-person/third-person, sci-fi-themed FPS with numerous vehicles, infantry types, and loadouts. The game will feature instanced, large-scale, faction combat. With some battles supporting up to 100 players per side. MetalCore features vehicle and infantry combat, with a wide variety of combat styles and support options to choose from. Coordination with your teammates and faction will be important.

MetalCore Medic Infantry
MetalCore Infantry NFT

During the Faction battles, each side tries to take and control various tactical points around the map and attempt to destroy the enemy base. Tactical points provide in-game advantages for the controlling faction. Each player has a limited number of respawns per battle. Once those respawns run out, that player may no longer play in that battle, but other players can take their place.

There will also be a persistent, open world, but it seems like this area may be PvE only. Players earn FAB tokens while playing the game. This token will be used for crafting and upgrades. We don’t know if this will be a blockchain token or in-game only. Players craft Vehicles in Garages, and can upgrade and customize them with special skins and decals. MetalCore will also support Baronies, or guilds.

MetalCore completed their first sale for Infantry NFTs back in July of 2022. No details are available for the time or pricing of any future mints.

MetalCore does plan to include free-to-play options in their game on release. They are also implementing a Content Creator’s program with rewards for streamers and video creators. MetalCore is currently in closed alpha testing.

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