Cradles: Origin of Species Pre-Alpha First Look

Cradles Origin of Species First Look

Cradles: Origin of Species is a new MMORPG launched by metaverse gaming studio DRepublic. The game has a subscription-based model allowing players to buy a monthly game card for access. Cradles is set in a pre-historic world where players can explore the environment, discover resources, hunt down beasts, engage in combat, and earn token rewards by exploring the cities. The pre-alpha version of Cradles was released on October 10, 2022 and has been extended till October 25, 2022.

Interested players can apply for pre-alpha tester by filling out a form on the game’s discord channel. The team will review the application and send the pre-alpha access key through email. 

In the pre-alpha version, players can have a first look at the evolving world of Cradles. In addition, players can customize characters and use them to complete missions and unlock weapons and armor.

The pre-alpha version contains PvE and PvP modes. In PvE mode, players must complete various missions against wild animals in the city and earn XP, resources, and crystals. In PvP mode, players can participate in deathmatches at multiple time slots. There is no play-and-earn mechanics in the pre-alpha version; however, regular PvP competitions with USDT prizes are being held. The pre-alpha version, which was about to end on October 20, 2022, has been extended till October 25, 2022.

Cradles Pre-alpha Video Review

Introduction to Cradles: Origin of Species

Cradles is an open-world game that is set in the pre-historic era. Everything in the Cradle ecosystem ages with time and the entropy system of the game provides a realistic effect. The game’s objective is to take care of the environment that is falling apart and will eventually result in the collapse of the world over time. 

Cradle world is divided into two central regions – the Adventure Zone and the Main City. Players will encounter several extinct creatures in the Adventure Zone and explore the world. The Main City is a different zone protected from wild creatures and animals.

The game is powered by AI technology and advanced game engines to provide fantastic gameplay features. The developers have used a new NFT protocol to provide more gameplay aspects instead of static NFT features. The game’s subscription model ensures that users need not buy NFTs; instead, they can buy a monthly card to play the game. In addition, the game’s Stake-In NFT (SIN) mechanism enables users to earn in-game rewards.

Cradles Origin of Species Introduction


The major gaming aspects of Cradles are divided into six game modes: Novice Missions, City Governance, Ecosystem Governance, PvP, PvE, and Homeland Defense War.

In Novice missions, you must understand the game’s basics and explore the world in solo mode. You will also learn about crystals and weapon mechanics. 

The City Governance is the solo mission for new players. In these missions, players have to do tasks such as finding lost dogs. On completing the mission, players receive crystal and other in-game rewards. 

In Ecosystem Governance, players must maintain the world’s ecological balance and hunt down certain species for the same. By maintaining ecological balance, players will receive huge rewards.

The Homeland Defense War mode allows players to earn massive rewards and reputation for protecting their city. Usually, the Main City and Adventure Zone are separated from each other. But some animals and monsters start invading the human living areas and destroying the city. So players must protect the city from these wild animals and receive Ultimate Prop rewards for successfully completing the feat.

In the PvP mode, players engage in combat with other players and receive a limited amount of crystals on defeating an opponent. The wanted index of a player increases when a user keeps on killing players. By focusing on the wanted index, other players can hunt down this specific player with a higher wanted index to earn rewards. On the other hand, players in PvE mode kill highly dangerous animals to earn huge amounts of crystals when killed.

Cradles Origin of Species Gameplay
Cradles Origin of Species Gameplay

Subscription Model

The monthly payment system of Cradles will be launched in the official version of the game. Players don’t need to buy additional NFTs to enter the game if they have a monthly subscription card. The subscription card also comes with CRDS coins that can be used to join guilds. The monthly card/gift pack prices range from 399 USD to 1599 USD. After the card sales day, the monthly cards will be priced from 99 USD to 599 USD. The prices of monthly cards are mentioned in detail below:

Cradles Monthly Membership

Dragontar Club

The Dragontar Club is a Dragon NFT that can be used to participate in Cradles mini-games for rewards. Dragontar is the world’s first replaceable component NFT. Owners of Dragontar NFTs can remove and swap its accessories with others. The Cradles team has developed the Dragontar Club to focus on the community and reward them.

Players can buy a Dragontar gift box containing random Dragontar NFTs and random assets from the Metacore and Tofu marketplace. The Dragontar Gift Box containing a single Dragontar NFT costs 0.69 BNB, and the decorative gift box containing glasses, clothes, earrings, and hat costs 0.49 BNB. Players can also check out these boxes here by connecting a BSC wallet.

Cradles - Dragontar Club NFTs

Cradles World periods and Events

Cradles World automatically transitions through several time periods. There are three periods: Tour Opening Period, Governance Preparation Period, and Ecosystem Governance Period. 

During the Tour Opening period, players can enter the world as tourists and interact with living beings. In this period, there is no activities such as fighting and hunting. 

During the Governance Preparation period, players can buy and sell combat-related NFTs. The Ecosystem Governance period opens after the Governance Preparation period, during which creatures form groups and attack surrounding neutral creatures.

Cradles Origin of Species Gameplay


Cradles: Origin of Species is a blockchain game that involves modular NFTs whose attributes can be removed, modified, and freely combined. Therefore, the NFTs are no longer static and lifeless and can be traded only. This play-to-earn open-world game also focuses on a rich gaming experience and exciting earning opportunities for players. 

Cradles is the world’s first subscription-based blockchain game making all NFTs free to collect. This will bring a new NFT gaming revolution. The pre-alpha testing of Cradles was launched on October 10, 2022 and ends on October 25, 2022. The company also secured $5M in a private round led by Animoca Brands in February 2022.

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