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Build a MoHome in MomoVerse Alpha Test

Mobox MoHome banner

Mobox continues to build their MOMOverse, now preparing for an alpha test of their new MOHome feature. A combination base building, home decorating, and PvP game, MOHome offers rewards for players with high Prosperity ratings for their Home.

The MOMOverse already features a number of activities including resource mining and crafting. Soon, players will be able to find other uses for their game resources by constructing their very own MOHome!

There are also several Halloween events happening in MOMOverse. Three different leaderboards, one for MOHome construction, one for crafting, and one for MOMO boxing. The top players earn rewards in the form of MEC tokens.

What are MOHomes?

MOHomes are really more of a village. At the center is a Town Hall. Players with Town Halls built begin to receive passive income in the form of MBOX tokens.

MOHome buildings
MOHome buildings

Players construct and upgrade various buildings in their MOHome. Each building has a specific effect, and also increases the Prosperity rating of your Home. The higher the Prosperity rating, the more MBOX income the Town Hall receives.

Players can choose from four civilization types. Every Civilization has a different set of materials that they use for construction. The Civilizations available for launch are Tech Fantasy, Barbarian Tribe, Steam Punk, and Middle Ages, each with a distinct visual style.

But in addition to the utility buildings, there will also be a number of decorations. Decorations include things such as flowers, trees, and statues. Players can receive a small amount of Prosperity from decorations, but they are mostly for visual appearance only.

MOHomes will also be featured in some sort of PvP game. Though we don’t have details on how it works, players will be able to raid other players’ homes.

MOHome Alpha

a MOHome
a MOHome

But we should learn more soon. Mobox plans to open a 30 day alpha test for the MOHome feature. All MOHomes will reset at the end of the alpha, which will run in two phases.

The first phase offers players the chance to construct and upgrade buildings and earn MBOX tokens based on their Prosperity.

The second phase introduces all the other features including PvP in the form of looting other player’s homes.

Stay tuned to their Twitter for the opening announcement for the MOHome Alpha.

MOMOVerse Phase 3

The overarching MOMOverse is moving in to what the team calls Phase 3. Phase 3 will feature Guilds and MOMOverse Land.

Anyone can spend some MBOX tokens to create a Guild and then invite other players to join. There will be Guild specific chat channels, special Guild buildings, and some sort of reward pool.

In MOMOverse Land, players and guilds explore and claim territory. This will create a selection of player-run kingdoms of a sort, with players able to set the rules on the land they control. We wait for more information on this PvP addition.

MOMOverse is available via the Mobox webpage and also has its own app.

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