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Legends Reborn Launches Alpha

Legends Reborn banner

Legends Reborn launches their official alpha. This TCG style game falls under the umbrella of Gala Games and currently offers both Creature and Venue NFTs for sale. Also, the team recently renamed their packs for Creature NFTs to Creature Packs, to make sure that everyone understood what they are buying.

After already running a couple of alpha demos, Legends Reborn now launch their official alpha, complete with weekly leaderboards. Players with a Gala Games account can download the launcher and install Legends Reborn from the website.

sample Legends Reborn deck
sample Legends Reborn deck

As for the pack renaming, this was mainly done to to avoid confusing new players. The name Creature Packs literally describes the content, so hopefully no one will be confused after this! This is just a cosmetic, name change. Creature Packs still contain three random Creatures, with rarities still distributed as in the Ritual Stones. Regular Creature Packs contain three cards of Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Epic varieties. Epic packs contain cards with rarities of Epic, Legendary, and Ancient. Any existing Ritual Stones in players’ inventories have been renamed.

Creature Packs are for sale in the Gala Games store.

New Alpha Test

The latest round of the Legends Reborn Alpha test began on October 20th. This alpha features a weekly leaderboard. At the end of each week, the top 10 players receive a special Discord title, Legend of the Tables, and the leaderboard resets. The first reset is scheduled for October 27th, at 9:59am PT.

Venues can be used in game during the alpha. Venue owners activate their Venues for a chance to be chosen as the location for a match. When a player’s Venue is selected, they earn tokens for hosting the match.

Players can access all the cards for this alpha. There has been no date given for the ending of this alpha, so it may be that the game servers stay up as the game development progresses into beta and release.

Venue management in Legends Reborn
Venue management in Legends Reborn

What is Legends Reborn?

Legends Reborn is a collectible card game in development on the Gala Games ecosystem. Players enter the arena with a squad of creatures and battle to the death versus their opponent. Each player only has five Creatures to play during a match, but each Creature comes with a number of different abilities. Once played to the board, those abilities become cards that the owning player draws from their deck and then uses throughout the game.

It’s a bit of a different style of gameplay. Players only draw cards when their Creatures attack. And summoning Creatures, attacking, and playing cards all cost Energy. So players must choose the right balance to protecting their Creatures while pressuring their opponent and making sure they have more cards to play.

Players earn game currency to spend on purchasing new Action cards, which are attached to Creatures when building decks. Rarer Creatures can hold more Action cards. Players can use Scrolls of Minting to turn Action cards they find into NFTs.

Players also own land in Legends Reborn. This comes in the form of Venues, and owners earn a percentage of the rewards generated through matches on their plots. The Legends Reborn team has released a Player Handbook describing how to play, but no details on their plans for the game economy or tokenomics.

Currently in open alpha, Legends Reborn brings some unique mechanics to the table and has the potential to build itself into a very interesting game.

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