World Eternal Online Alpha Season 0 Rewards

World Eternal Online Alpha Season 0 Rewards

The MMORPG World Eternal Online announced their Alpha Season 0 rewards. Season 0 ended on October 13, 2022, and Season 1 has started. In World Eternal Online, players will be rewarded based on ranking on the leaderboards at the end of each season. The Season 0 rewards include emperor and warrior bundles containing gems and valor points that can be used in the game’s final release.

Season 0 Rewards

Players begin the game at the start of each season with a fresh set of heroes and resources. Players are ranked based on total power in a leaderboard. The total power can be increased by leveling the hero collection and acquiring upgraded gear. The rewards obtained at the end of a season can be used in the game’s final release. All seasons are variable in length; the next season begins as soon as the previous season ends. Players can view their rewards on the website’s account inventory.

There are two types of rewards in Season 0: Emperor Bundle and Warrior Bundle. The top 30 players will receive the Emperor bundle containing 30,000 gems and 1000 valor points that can be used in future alpha seasons and the final game release. 

To become eligible for the Warrior Bundle, players must have a hero team with a total power of over 3000. Besides, players must have played actively during Season 0. The Warrior Bundle will contain 10,000 gems and 250 valor points to use in the future.

World Eternal Online Gameplay

What is World Eternal Online?

World Eternal Online is a new sandbox blockchain game with a player-driven economy. In the game, players can form factions, enter PvP battles, raid bosses, explore new zones, loot, craft and gather resources to run cities. There are 40 collectible Heroes in the game, having different skill sets that can be increased by absorbing other heroes.

Each player belongs to a city where they can harvest resources, construct defense towers and protect their bases. Players have to kill and loot monsters while raiding territories. Players can receive rewards and resources by participating in PvP battles. With a player-based economy, players can trade in-game items for money. The game does not have a token currently, but the developers are considering introducing a utility token in the future.

Want to get World Eternal Online Alpha invite? Make sure to sign up on their website and keep an eye out on their Discord.

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