Unix Announces New Branches and Social Apps

A significant rebranding initiative now underway at Unix involves two new web3 gaming apps in addition to a better segmentation of its current activities. The batch of updates includes a new Unix Gaming platform, a complete SDK for developers, more marketing tools to get your project out there, a launchpad, a social app for metaverse players, and a gaming studio.

Unix Helps You Develop

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To meet the demands of the current web3 gaming market, Unix is creating an end-to-end ecosystem that helps developers take their game from conception & development to launch & growing its player base.

The new Unix gaming includes an SDK, set to help developers with a plug-and-play approach. With an average salary per developer of $100k, Unix estimates savings of up to $400k per application.

The Unix SDK will integrate with Unreal Engine and Unity, two of the most popular game engines available today. Metadata can be stored on AWS and IPFS, the same solution in use by BAYC for their NFT collection.

Feel free to browse the landing page here to learn more about the capabilities and features of the SDK.

Get Your Game Discovered

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In addition to the SDK, Unix is committed to helping game developers increase their player base thanks to OWNED, a proprietary platform to showcase web3 games.

By listing your game on OWNED, you put it directly in view of gamers looking for exciting, new titles to play. To help gamers find the right games for them, we’ve taken lessons from platforms like Steam to develop discovery and recommendation tools to ensure gamers see the games they care about.

OWNED will also let players trade items (NFTs) from their favorite games, see what their friends are playing, compete in tournaments and so much more.

To list your game, visit this link and apply for free.

The most promising game developers might also qualify for the newly released launchpad. Many features will intertwine and support for a title might be boosted upon users’ staking their tokens.

Triple-A Experience

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A fresh game studio was also introduced by Unix. The renowned firm, which has extensive expertise in creating games for the blockchain, is now for hire.

While their full-stack development team is equipped to develop its own games, the focus instead is on “decentralizing” their talent. Unix services, therefore, involve collaborating with developers to help make the most of their titles — whether it’s a more traditional game or an expansive metaverse like The Sandbox.

Alongside the development studio, Unix is launching Wanted, an innovative social app to meet fellow web3 gamers. Consider it a Tinder for blockchain enthusiasts! 

Think of Wanted as matchmaking for interests, a way to help you pursue the things you’re most passionate about. You can meet people interested in NFTs, or join a local role-playing meetup. It’s up to you and your passions!

In the future, Unix is committed to developing OWNED and Wanted even more and allows players from around the globe to find out new games, interact with each other, and support their favorite developers through staking and launchpad fundraisers.

What is Unix Gaming

Unix Gaming is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Unix gaming is in partnership with Sandbox making them a Sandbox ecosystem builder. 

The developers built the gaming guild to connect gamers to several gaming projects they can actively participate in and earn. 

Unix is a community-centric platform that allows gamers to earn cryptocurrency and NFTs while playing games. They assist developers in launching within the Unix ecosystem. In addition, they provide scholarships to talented gamers in developing countries. These gamers are trained and given support.

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