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ClashDome Adds Token Utility and Services

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ClashDome continues to build out their selection of games and NFTs and grow their general ecosystem. And while this recent update doesn’t make major changes to the ClashDome economic system, it does provide additional utility with a simple token swapping service and staking program.

ClashDome features three tokens — LUDIO, CARBZ, and JIGOWATTS. LUDIO is the primary game currency, while CARBZ and JIGOWATTS are used by those with Citizen NFTs.

All three tokens exist on the WAX blockchain and can be traded on external exchanges. But now, ClashDome has added an in-app swap option. This lets players swap between all three tokens without leaving the ClashDome site, making it much easier for players to get the tokens they need. The backend of the service still accesses the established liquidity pools, but this interface makes it a smoother experience for the players.

limited edition NFT sale
limited edition NFT sale

Players also have in-game access to a new staking program, earning up to 10% APY when locking up tokens for 1 to 4 weeks. This should help relieve some token selling pressure as players lock up their tokens for staking rewards. The ClashDome team will probably need to add some additional functionality to staking, such as potential NFT rewards or some sort of in-game bonus or perk to really make this program work.

In addition, ClashDome has already held a number of sales for special, limited time NFT items. Some items are cosmetic decorations, while others provide benefits in certain games. This update includes the option for sales in secondary tokens, creating additional use cases for CARBZ and JIGOWATTS.

And while these steps are relatively minor, they do have the right idea in building out more utility for their tokens. To join in on the fun, visit ClashDome at

What is ClashDome?

ClashDome is a suite of single-player, mobile-friendly games, with a PFP / player housing layer on top of it. Players compete for high scores on daily leaderboards, and against each other in duels.

a game of Rug Pool
a game of Rug Pool

ClashDome currently runs five games. Endless Siege, a tower defense game, Candy Fiesta, a candy crush style matching game, Templok, a non-moving, Tetris-like game, Ringy Dingy, a kind of 3-layer tic-tac-toe, and Rug Pool, a billiards game. When dueling, players match up against an opponent and both players play a game using the same map / board setup. Whoever scores highest, wins LUDIO tokens. Players can choose to wager tokens for higher potential rewards.

Players who own Citizen NFTs can play basic Duels for free, earning 5 LUDIO tokens with each win. Each Citizen is a unique character, generated by their original owner. Players who want to make their own Citizen can purchase an Amnio tank and customize the Citizen to their liking.

Citizen NFTs also come with apartments, which can be decorated with a variety of cosmetic items, and upgraded with special machines that generate CARBZ and JIGOWATTS tokens. Players use CARBZ to recharge their energy levels and JIGOWATTS to power their apartment features.

ClashDome apartment Hub
ClashDome apartment Hub
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