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New Updates Coming for Alpha League Racing

Alpha Racing League

Alpha League Racing, an Arcade Racing Game on Solana, has been gaining momentum with all its tournaments, where players can earn $SOL, and new racetracks. But recently, the team made a big announcement. Soon players will be able to earn $RACE, challenge their friends for a race and rent their NFTs for passive income.

Let’s start with the $RACE token.

$RACE utility
$RACE utility

Specific game modes will require $RACE, just like personalizing and trading NFT cars. Players will also be able to organize their own tournaments with this token, evolve their NFT racetracks, and create and manage teams. How these features will work is still not completely clear since the whitepaper was not released yet.

There will be an IDO to sell $RACE in the future and its utility is still subject to change.

Duel Game Mode
Duel Game Mode

Another upcoming feature is the duel mode where players will fund a pot equally in $RACE and/or NFTs and the winner takes it all! This game mode will be identical to Team Duel where each team will choose a racetrack, fund a pot and try to get the best score possible on both racetracks. An interesting feature is that in Team Duel also external bettors will be able to bet on their favorite team.

Last but not least, the team mentioned that renting is also coming. Like this players might receive passive income by renting their NFT EVOs without even playing the game while players on mobile can play the game for free.

NFT Renting in Alpha League Racing
NFT Renting in Alpha League Racing

What is Alpha League Racing?

Alpha League Racing is an Arcade Racing Game, on the Solana Blockchain, where players can race with their NFT cars against the clock.

The game is free to play, but without an NFT players can not access tournaments which usually reward participants with $SOL and sometimes EVOs, the NFT cars. In these tournaments, the drivers with the best time get a percentage of the prize pool. Without owning an NFT it is not possible to access all the race tracks

It is fun to play, races are usually just around a few minutes and it has an old-school vibe that will fill some players with nostalgia from their early days in gaming. Unfortunately, it is not possible to play with friends.


Alpha League Racing spent most of its lifetime under the radar of the Web3 Gaming community. But, in the last months, they managed to grow quite a lot with all the tournaments and announcements of the upcoming features. Besides this, the unminted NFT cars were also burned, creating a slight ‘Fear of Missing Out’ reaction from the community.

Personally, I had a lot of fun playing Alpha League Racing and I think it has a lot of room to grow, and I am not into racing games. I also believe that, in its genre, it is one of the best we have in NFT Gaming.

The team also mentioned the upcoming $RACE token, which means that there will be an economy and this is where usually web 3 games fail and asset-holders see their investment going to the bottom of the ocean. If this happens or not will depend mainly on the team and on the current conditions of the crypto markets.

If you want to know more about this project check our video below.