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MetalCore Open Alpha Delayed

Metalcore Open World Alpha banner

Some bad news for MetalCore fans! Though scheduled for today, the official Open World Alpha for MetalCore has been delayed due to some last minute technical issues. Instead, players will have to wait until Monday, October 17th to try out this sci-fi FPS.

Many people were excited to try out MetalCore’s sci-fi, massive multiplayer, FPS game. The videos and reviews coming from their previews at PAX West and TwitchCon looked pretty good! And today was the scheduled launch of the Open World Alpha. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little while longer before we can shoot each other with Mechs on a MetalCore battlefield.

MetalCore in action
MetalCore in action

But not too long! The MetalCore team plans to open their first official playtest on Monday, October 17th. And even though the game servers won’t be available yet, players can still download the launcher and install the game in preparation. They will also be able to look around inside their offline garage area.

Additionally, there may be times over the coming days where the servers are unofficially open for testing. But there won’t be any notifications about it. And the servers can be take down at any time. As for the expected launch on Monday, the servers go live at 6pm PST, and should be up for a few hours. Other windows of availability will open over the next few days as well. The team plans to run sporadic playtests throughout the alpha period.

So why the delay? The MetalCore team called out two specific issues that are blocking the release. One was a bug with deploying more than one server at a time. The other, an issue with deploying the game launcher. Both issues have been fixed, but the team wants to take some time to test things out before they open to the public.

Players will need to own MetalCore NFTs to join. Though there is an alpha playtest waitlist you can sign up for. At the moment, the only NFTs are Genesis Infantry. MetalCore plans sales for other unit types, though they have not disclosed any timelines for those releases.

What is MetalCore?

MetalCore is a web3-enabled game that is a cross between Planetside and Battlefield. It’s a first-person/third-person, sci-fi-themed FPS with numerous vehicles, infantry types, and loadouts. The game will feature instanced, large-scale, faction combat. With some battles supporting up to 100 players per side. It’s not clear if these will be three-way battles or just two-sided. MetalCore features vehicle and infantry combat, with a wide variety of combat styles and support options to choose from. Coordination with your teammates and faction will be important.

MetalCore Medic Infantry
MetalCore Infantry NFT

During the Faction battles, each side tries to take and control various tactical points around the map and attempt to destroy the enemy base. Tactical points provide in-game advantages for the controlling faction. Each player has a limited number of respawns per battle. Once they run out, they may no longer play in that scenario, but other players can take their place.

There will also be a persistent, open world, but it seems like this area may be PvE only. Players earn FAB tokens while playing the game. This token will be used for crafting and upgrades. We don’t know if this will be a blockchain token or in-game only. Players craft Vehicles in Garages, and can upgrade and customize them with special skins and decals. MetalCore will also support Baronies, or guilds.

MetalCore completed their first sale for Infantry NFTs back in July of 2022. No details are available for the time or pricing of any future mints.

MetalCore does plan to include free-to-play options in their game on release. They are also implementing a Content Creator’s program with rewards for streamers and video creators.

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