Knights Prologue Battle of Heroes NFT Event

Knights Prologue - Battle of Heroes Event

Knights Prologue has announced the Battle of Heroes NFT event, where players can earn extremely rare NFTs that can be used in the upcoming MMORPG Knight Lands. The NFTs can be acquired by participating in the Battle of Heroes event and battling opponent players. This new event has a strategic turn-based combat system in which players can organize squads and select abilities to inflict maximum damage on their opponents.

Battle of Heroes NFT Event

In Knights Prologue’s Battle of Heroes NFT event, players will get a chance to win ultra-rare NFTs for the upcoming Polygon game Knight Lands. Players have to upgrade and organize units, complete daily tasks, navigate terrains, and defeat enemies in PVP or PVE battles. You can also upgrade abilities to heal and buff your units while debuffing opponent units. 

The total amount of characteristics will determine a player’s rating. There are unit difficulty types ranging from blue to purple. On leveling up to the maximum tier that is purple, a player can redeem a super rare NFT.

The Battle of Heroes event has a combat system where players will receive points based on the unit speed and the unit that attacks first. To attack, the enemy must be within a player’s movement radius. When the turn comes, a unit can perform only one action. There are environmental obstacles that affect a unit’s attributes. 

For example, hills and highlands increase damage to enemies by 25%. Forests increase defense by 25%. Swamps reduce speed by 50%, and ice stops the units and increases damage by 25%.

Knights Prologue - Battle of Heroes NFT Event - Combat System

Units and Abilities

In the event, each unit has some abilities such as Combat, Supporting and Healing, Buffs, and Debuffs. Leveling up abilities can increase the frequency of usage in the game. Players can upgrade abilities with Crystals when a unit reaches a certain level. The abilities of tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 units have 15, 8, and 3 levels of improvement, respectively.

The Units are divided into three tiers: green, blue, and purple. At the event’s start, a player receives s set of 10 units. Green or Tier 1 indicates the weak and most common units, and purple or Tier 3 indicates the strongest and rarest units. 

Knights Prologue - Battle of Heroes Event Unit Tiers

On acquiring an entire squad of Tier 3 or purple units, players can use them to redeem NFTs. The units can also be organized based on class, such as Melee, Tank, Range, Mage, and Support.

Battle of Heroes Event NFTs

What is Knight Lands?

Knight Lands is an online blockchain role-playing game in which players earn profit based on performance. The game has several earning methods, such as trading, dividends, and a seasonal prize pool. In addition, the Polygon blockchain-based game allows players to complete quests, daily tasks, raids, trials, Champions Trophy, Royal sprints, and Grand Royale contests and earn rewards. 

Knight Lands’s in-game token is FLESH, which can be earned by qualifying in the Champion Trophy or participating in Group Raids. The KL token is another in-game currency that will allow players to vote on game decisions.

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