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PlanetQuest Prepares Season 2 Story Events

PlanetQuest Season 2 banner

PlanetQuest has been running an ongoing series of stories, building out the lore of the game. Along the way, player votes have helped to decide some of the direction of the stories. Now PlanetQuest prepares for Season 2 of their story, with even more opportunities for player voting!

PlanetQuest is building out its game lore with the help of some community involvement. Each week, PlanetQuest posts a new story chapter and players vote on a key decision in the storyline. After that, a new section of the story is written and the cycle begins again.

I find this a fascinating community involvement feature. Because this is not something that you will see with most game development. At best, players get to vote on a new hero accessory, or new pet companion, not affecting the background lore for the game. But with web3, and its ability to let game developers crowdfund, we get to see a lot of independent games being made. And these game developers are willing to try new things and push new boundaries. And that, of course, is where the flower of innovation and progress blooms. So I love seeing additions such as PlanetQuest’s community-influenced story. I look forward to seeing where PlanetQuest goes with this, and also seeing other developers take the idea in interesting new directions!

How to Participate in the Story?

PlanetQuest roadmap
PlanetQuest roadmap

Season two brings the addition of faction voting. Not only will players influence the main storyline with their votes, but they will also decide the roles their associated factions play in the story as well.

Every Monday, beginning on October 17th, a new chapter of the storyline will be posted in the PlanetQuest Discord. On Tuesday, players cast their votes. On Wednesday, the faction results are revealed, and faction leaders make decisions based on those votes.

To participate, join the PlanetQuest Discord and choose a faction. The main storyline post will be found in #story, while each faction has its own posts within its faction-specific story channel.

PlanetQuest volcanic planet

What is PlanetQuest?

The main gameplay for PlanetQuest sees players venture down to Planets on missions. Owned planets may only be visited by players who belong to the same faction as the owner. Unowned planets are free to visit by all, and the setting for the PvP gameplay. A generator called The Genesis Engine procedurally creates All planets and encounters in PlanetQuest. Planet owners receive rewards based on the number of players who visit their Planet and the success of their missions. So while this is passive income, active owners will likely generate more activity and earn greater rewards.

Mission rewards can include Quantum tokens, parts, gear, or even alien artifacts!

Players start off at a Common rarity home planet. As players advance through the game and earn Quantum, they open up opportunities to move to rarer Planets. Rarer Planets offer better rewards but also increased danger.

PlanetQuest will include a crafting feature where players create Gear from Parts. in addition, players can break down Gear for Parts, adding a deflationary aspect to Gear generation. The game will also offer a commission-based rental system. Gear owners receive a percentage of the Quantum earned by players using their gear.

Early access is expected in Q2 of 2033.

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