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Cross The Ages Open Beta Video Review

Cross The Ages just released their open beta and we sent Bruno to test it out and give us his feedback. In the video, he reviews the gameplay, tells you how to get started and takes a look at the NFTs and tokens.

How to play the Cross The Ages Beta?

The Cross the Ages beta is open to anyone. The game is currently available for Windows and Mac OS. To start playing. just head to, download the launcher, create your account and start playing. An easy onboarding experience. No need to jump through hoops across social media and Discord servers to get started!

About Cross The Ages

Cross the Ages is a collectible NFT card game where players face off in intense turn-based duel matches. Each match has a duration of average 5 minutes. The game’s objective is to conquer and control the maximum area with the battle arena. Each game starts with both players having 20 digital cards. Then, 10 cards are randomly selected to form the player’s deck, and the fight starts. 

The game has an exclusive concept of converting digital cards into physical ones and thus creating a unique experience in merging the digital and physical worlds. The game aims to allow players to hold digital assets and bring them to life.