Skyweaver’s Developer, Horizon, Raises $40 Million

Horizon Raises $40M in Series A Funding Round

Blockchain game developer Horizon raised $40M in a Series A funding round led by Brevan Howard Digital and Morgan Creek Digital. The gaming startup Horizon aims to use the funding to further expand its TCG Skyweaver, their web3 developer platform, Sequence, and the decentralized marketplace, Niftyswap.

The round was joined by investors such as Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, Polygon, Bitkraft Ventures, CMT Digital, Round13 Capital, and individual investors such as Shopify CEO Tobias Lutke, Axie Infinity co-founder Aleksander Larsen, The Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Borget and many more. 

About the funding

The funding round was led by prominent names in the tech industry, such as Brevan Howard Digital – dedicated crypto and digital asset division of Brevan Howard, and Morgan Creek Digital – a venture capital focusing on blockchain technology investments. 

Horizon will use the funding to build Sequence, an easy-to-use building tool for developers who are not web3 experienced. They are also working on updating the Skyweaver game, where players battle against opponents using fantasy trading cards. More than 400,000 accounts have already been created on Skyweaver. Horizon also announced Niftyswap, which is a decentralized marketplace for web3 collectibles. The Series A funds will be used to develop the above three projects and hire more people.

“We have always had a long-term vision for the future of web3, and are carefully building complementary products to support the ecosystem. With Sequence, we enable builders to create the next generation of Internet experiences; with Skyweaver, we deliver a fun, strategic, and rich piece of content for gamers to enjoy; and with Niftyswap, we enable the seamless exchange of SFTs, which are poised to become some the world’s most useful and traded virtual goods.”

– Peter Kieltyka, Co-founder and CEO
Horizon's Series A Funding Round Participants
Series A funding round participants

About Sequence

Sequence is a web3 developer platform and smart wallet for Ethereum built by Horizon. The platform allows developers to build web3 games, deploy NFTs and integrate smart wallet for the Ethereum ecosystem. It was started in January 2018 and powers all Horizon products, such as the Skyweaver game and Niftyswap marketplace. Many gaming projects are powered by Sequence, such as BoomLandMetalCore, CyBall, Sunflower Land, Mech, and NFT ecosystems, such as DAZN Boxing and Myntr. In addition, the company aims to onboard users of other EVM-compatible blockchains via the Sequence wallet.

Sequence Platform

About Skyweaver

Skyweaver is a blockchain trading card game developed by Horizon that allows players to collect, trade, and sell NFT cards. The game runs on the Layer 2 Ethereum Polygon network. Players can strategize and build decks of NFT cards in the game and become legendary Skyweaver. 

The game’s private beta was released in 2021, and at the start of 2022, the open beta version was released for everyone. The game received immense popularity and started hosting weekly tournaments. Players can participate in the game for free and earn rewards based on their ranking on the leaderboard.

About Niftyswap

Niftyswap is a decentralized marketplace built by Horizon that will be expanded following the Series A funding. Niftyswap makes trading SFTs or semi-fungible tokens (ERC-1155 token standard) easier by allowing users to buy and sell items instantly. In addition, it provides liquidity on-chain and enables liquidity owners to earn pool fees. The platform aims to become the premier destination for trading NFTs, in-game items, web3 products, metaverse collectibles, and much more.

Niftyswap Marketplace
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