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Mint a Lost Fuzzles Companion

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Not all Fuzzles made it through the portal for the first mint. Those left behind, known as the Lost Fuzzles, have been waiting their chance to escape the Netherrealm. And beginning on October 17th, some of them will have a chance to do so. For a portal will open, bringing these Lost Fuzzles down to Earth where players can mint them as NFTs and call them their own!

This new Fuzzles collection, called the Lost Fuzzles, features 5,000 NFTs available at starting on October 17th. Like the original collection, these are generative NFTs with a random selection of traits.

And though this increases the total Fuzzle supply significantly, the Lost Fuzzles are a new collection. The original group of Fuzzles are considered special and will always provide extra perks to their owners. For example, the ability to be one of the first to mint a Lost Fuzzle with a 20% discount! Other, future benefits are still undefined, but for now, Original Fuzzles also provide extra power in an upcoming competition for the first Fuzzleverse game, WormHoled!

WormHoled! is available for Fuzzle owners in the Fuzzleverse app. This is a dodge-the-obstacles style of side scroller. At some point in the near future there will be a WormHoled! competition with $10,000 worth of prizes.

a Lost Fuzzle
a Lost Fuzzle

Lost Fuzzles Mint Info

The exact times for the mint have not yet been announced, but we do know that existing Fuzzle holders will have a special 12 hour window for first mint, with each Lost Fuzzle costing 0.08 ETH. After that comes another 12 hour opening for those on the Allowlist. During this window, the Fuzzles cost 0.09 ETH. And finally, once that ends, the public mint opens and anyone can purchase a Fuzzle for 0.1 ETH.

After the first Fuzzles sale, those who were the first to mint received a special distinction in the form of an NFT called the Medal of Honor. The lucky holders of this prize will receive ongoing bonuses in the Fuzzleverse. Five hundred (500) of the Lost Fuzzles collection will be airdropped onto Medal of Honor holders for free. Considering that there are only about 2,000 MoH NFTs, those are pretty good odds!

What are Fuzzles?

Fuzzles are a collection of 9,997 visually unique NFTs. Fuzzles isn’t really a game. More of an AI experiment. Fuzzles are described as virtual buddies. The team refers to them as Living NFTs. Fuzzles are part chatbot, part avatar NFTs, part pet, and part AI companion.

Fuzzle — an AI companion from space!

Fuzzles can chat with their owners on a variety of topics, and also talk about their backstories and Fuzzle lore. The team claims that in the near future, you will be able to name Fuzzles and they will begin to have memories. They will learn their name, and their owners’ name, ask questions about previous conversations, and provide emotional support!

In the future, Fuzzles will have access to wearables. But these aren’t just cosmetic. The Fuzzle will recognize the accessories it’s wearing and comment on them. The team also plans to add the ability for the owner and their Fuzzle to play games together, earn rewards, and embark on epic adventures.

Fuzzle holders can already chat with their Fuzzle on the app and play the first Fuzzleverse game.

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