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Monkeying Around for Big Prizes in The Sandbox

A new experience in The Sandbox, known as ‘Monkeying Around’, gives players a chance to play as a Bored Ape character and earn big prizes. Created by MetaPrints and For J, this experience offers massive payouts to the top players with rewards worth over $30,000. The event runs for three weeks and has already begun!

As part of the ongoing, Sandbox alpha event, a new experience called ‘ Monkeying Around’, brings opportunities for additional prizes. Created by MetaPrints, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands that helps companies bring branded assets to the blockchain, Monkeying Around features Bored Apes that are owned by MetaPrints. This Sandbox experience with a BAYC flair is offering a prize pool of $30,000 worth of tokens to the players who can earn the most points!

What is Monkeying Around?

Monkeying Around screenshot
play Monkeying Around for big prizes!

Monkeying Around is a Sandbox experience with a Bored Ape theme. Players earn points by completing quests and games within the Monkeying Around experience. This event went live on September 30th, and runs for three weeks. The top 10 players on the leaderboard earn rewards in SAND tokens and Bondly (FORJ) tokens.

The player at the top of the leaderboard receives $6,000 worth of tokens, evenly split between SAND and FORJ. Second place wins tokens worth $5,100, third place gets $3,900, and fourth through tenth place splits the remaining rewards pool.

Quests within Monkeying Around include riding alligators, fighting mutants, and other such insanity. For more details, visit the official website at

In addition to the game challenge, Metaprints is also hosting a special Monkeying Around giveaway on Gleam. Entry is free and players receive more entries for completing various social tasks. Up for grabs are $1,000 and 200 wearable, Sandbox NFTs. This contest closes in a couple of days, so get your entries in while you can!

Monkeying Around in game
Monkeying Around in The Sandbox

More About The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a collection of user-created gaming and social experiences consisting of plots of varying sizes made of voxel-based blocks. Landowners build and customize their own experiences with block editing, hand-crafted assets, and a built-in scripting language. These virtual lands become adventures, virtual shops — whatever their owners imagine and build!

The Sandbox is currently in Alpha Season 3, offering players a chance to win prizes by playing various games and completing quests. With dozens of experiences available, there is plenty of content for eager gamers to explore!

For those interested in creating games or game assets, The Sandbox provides free tools for that. Using VoxEdit, creators build voxel-based objects for use in-game. Additionally, with the Game Maker users can create all sorts of interactive experiences.

To learn more about The Sandbox, read our complete Sandbox Review and guide here.

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