WAX Studios Rebrands Itself as Tyranno Studios

WAX Studios Becomes Tyranno Studios

WAX Studios, the gaming and blockchain studio started by the founders of the WAX blockchain, just announced its rebranding to Tyranno Studios. Known for web3 projects such as Music Mogul and Blockchain Brawlers, WAX Studios recently onboarded major brands like Sony Pictures and AMC Theatres to support their Web3 initiatives. The rebranding of the company aims to increase cross-chain compatibility in order to facilitate the onboarding of new users.

The WAX Studios team decided to integrate multi-chain capabilities to allow users to access games, NFT collections, and assets and use them on any compatible chain. Tyranno Studios will focus on multi-chain facilities with a focus on decentralization and digital ownership with a transparent system. 

To make blockchain user-friendly, there is a need for a multi-chain architecture so that users need not constantly change wallets and blockchains based on the game requirements. This way, people are free to choose any blockchain they want, as each blockchain has its strengths and disadvantages.

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“We believe in the multi-chain future and making blockchain more user-friendly, so people won’t have to be constantly figuring out “what blockchain is this on? And what wallet do I need?” Instead, we want to empower people to find the games, collections, and services they are interested in, and freely use them on a chain with which they are familiar.”

Mike Rubinelli, Director of WAX Studios

The rebranding move will also enable the onboarding of more gamers and web3 enthusiasts as the multi-chain system will allow a better user experience. The connectivity between the WAX ecosystem and other blockchain ecosystems will be enhanced, and users can quickly shift between one another. 

The Tyranno Studios team consists of experienced developers working on multiple blockchain game projects and web3 products. The flagship NFT game Blockchain Brawlers will launch a new Ethereum-based NFT land sale soon after the rebranding. The rebranding will also increase the Blockchain Brawlers player base, as players from other blockchain ecosystems can play the game. In addition, the company will start integrating its multi-chain capabilities with Ethereum. 

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About WAX Studios (now Tyranno Studios)

The Worldwide Asset Exchange, or WAX, is one of the most popular blockchains for NFTs. WAX was founded in 2017 as the most convenient way to create, buy and sell NFTS. As a part of the WAX blockchain, the founders launched WAX Studios as a gaming studio. 

Blockchain Brawlers was the first game from the dedicated WAX gaming studio. The project was headed by Chief Gaming Officer Michael Rubinelli, having 25+ years of experience in the gaming industry. Within the first two weeks, BRWL – the official token of Blockchain Brawlers moved to $431 million in volume, with active players earning over 5000 BRWL daily.

Blockchain Brawlers is a play-to-earn game where players can cryptocurrency and NFTs by entering a digital ring and fighting an opponent. The game is built on the WAX blockchain. Players can earn rewards in the form of tokens which can be exchanged for real money. The main NFTs are the Brawlers. A brawler can be crafted or bought from secondary markets. Blockchain Brawlers is still under development, and the open PvP Beta of the game was just recently released.

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