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New SAND Staking Pool for Sandbox Land Owners

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Back in the old days (i.e. two years ago), The Sandbox used to reward land holders with special NFTs and a bonus to their staking program. But, since the migration to Polygon, there hasn’t been a lot of extra incentives to own land. That changed with the addition of a new SAND staking pool exclusively for land owners.

The migration of Sandbox lands to the Polygon network began back in June 2022. And while there has been a bonus for landowners who were staking in the SAND-MATIC pool, it still wasn’t quite the same as before the migration. Now, The Sandbox opens up a new SAND staking pool, exclusively for land holders.

This new pool rewards 250K SAND per week for the first 12 weeks to the stakers. Land owners can stake up to 500 SAND tokens per land they hold. Rewards can be claimed once per week. And, as an extra bonus, the land doesn’t need to be staked or locked up in a smart contract. The Sandbox staking system periodically checks the wallets for Sandbox lands and updates the staking program accordingly. This lets players buy, sell, and trade land plots without having to worry about staking and unstaking their land.

new SAND staking pool

The Sandbox team promises that this is just the first exclusive staking program for landowners. They plan to introduce additional earning opportunities in the future. All of the active Sandbox staking programs are on Polygon, so both your land and SAND tokens need to be on the Polygon network. The transaction fees are minimal, and some of them are even covered by The Sandbox.

This new staking program opened on September 22nd, 2022, and is available on the Sandbox staking page ( The current APR for the new pool is over 200%!

And don’t forget that Season 3 of The Sandbox Alpha is still in progress. Anyone with a Sandbox account can join. So jump in and play the available experiences for a chance to win prizes!

What is The Sandbox?

Metaverse Pride Sandbox
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The Sandbox is a collection of user-created gaming and social experiences consisting of plots of varying sizes made of voxel-based blocks. Landowners build and customize their own experiences with block editing, hand-crafted assets, and a built-in scripting language. These virtual lands become adventures, virtual shops — whatever their owners imagine and build!

The Sandbox provides free tools for developers and content creators. Using VoxEdit, creators build voxel-based objects for use in-game. Additionally, with the Game Maker users can create all sorts of interactive experiences. The Sandbox continues to announce new partnerships on a regular basis and hosts regular play-to-earn events!

To learn more about The Sandbox, read our complete Sandbox Review and guide here.

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