Oxya Origin Preview and Land Mint Announcement

Oxya Origin First Look

Oxya Origin is an upcoming MMORPG built on Unreal Engine 5 and Immutable X. In the game, players control 3D Avatars in a dystopian future world where they have to fight mobs and level bosses individually or by forming a team. 

The game will be playable in both PVE and PVP formats, with numerous quests and challenges to complete. In addition, players can craft their assets, develop lands, earn tokens and help develop the game’s economy. Oxya Origin contains 3 planets, tribes, and 7898 dynamic NFTs.

Oxyan Origin is preparing to launch its Land mint on October 9, 2022. To get Whitelist, you have to join their Discord community, and there are two ways of getting it:

  1. By inviting 5 friends
  2. By contributing to the community

World of Oxya Origin

The story of Oxya Origin is based on a new planetary system in the OXYAVERSE with a unique physical equilibrium due to the strong phenomenon caused by a substance called OXYA. This material OXYA binds matter and the energy of this planetary system. As OXYA started depleting, the factions began fighting against each other for this precious resource, which is the game’s main theme.


Oxya Origin consists of PvE and PvP modes and other social experiences such as guilds, battle royale, virtual world, and multiplayer formats. Players who hold the avatars sold during the first mint sale can access the PvE modes and earn rewards by completing milestones.

Roguelite TPS: Under the PvE mode, Oxya Origin will release a 3rd-person re-playable Roguelite TPS in Q1 2023. In this mode, players have to explore dungeons, fight monsters and avoid traps to collect resources. In addition, there are boss fights that can unlock a new dungeon on winning. 

The Roguelite TPS has been developed using Unreal Engine 5 and will offer stunning graphics and gameplay. While this mode is only available for players having Avatars, other players can still access the game in guest mode. Players having the highest ranking will earn Avatars and weapons.

Land Economy and Guilds: The Landowners are producers of the Gates of Oxya who can use the infrastructures to craft assets such as accessories, weapons, and vehicles. Landowners also have a monopoly over resources such as Alkar or Stone, Steelvar or Steel, and Electrium or Cobalt that cannot be obtained elsewhere. To manage the lands and resources, Landowners will get access to the Oxyan HQ dashboard to be launched in Q4 2022. 

The Landowners can also form guilds to solve quests or form trading cartels. The Guild system has not been introduced yet and will be launched soon.

Oxya Origin Battle Royale Mode

Battle Royale Mode: The Battle Royale mode is inspired by games such as Fortnite and PUBG. In this mode, players can participate in both solo and squad modes. In addition, players will have access to items such as enhanced weapons, consumables, and equipment. The objective of Battle Royale mode is to kill as many enemies as possible and survive longer. 

There are two types of Battle Royale modes – Classic and Bounty Hunter. In Bounty Hunter mode, the last standing man earns the highest rewards, thereby decreasing the prize amount as per rank. On the other hand, in Bounty Hunter mode, players will earn half of the target’s bounty, and the other half will be added to the killer’s bounty. The Battle Royale Mode is currently under development and is expected to release by 2024.

Oxya Origin Land Economy


The Oxya Origin Game has various resources such as Lands, Avatar NFTs, Fungible resources, Oxya Governance token, and Lukriya Token. The lands are used to develop facilities and craft weapons, Avatar NFTs are used to access game modes, stake, form guilds, and earn rewards, and fungible resources are plants, minerals, and stones. The two tokens of the game are LKRA and OXYA.

LKRA Token: LKRA or Lukriya is an ERC-20 token deployed on Ethereum that allows players to craft game items, access exclusive game modes, spend in various NFT mints and carry out gas-less transactions. LKRA can be deposited on IMX to use in the game.

OXYA Token: OXYA is also an ERC-20 token that allows holders to participate in DAO governance decisions. The total supply of OXYA is 750,000,000 units. With the increase in crafting, trading, and other activities, the value of the OXYA token will increase.

Oxya Origin Token Flow Overview

Oxya Origin NFTs

The NFTs in the Oxya Origin is divided into 9 mini-collections. The mini-collections include Niffelheim, Hybriz, and Zykon in the Luxion planet. Sakaris, Suri, and Anokye in the Naya planet. Aarani, Vaalbara, and Kylma in the Kryo planets. 

Check out the Oxy Origin collection on OpenSea with a floor price of 0.2 ETH.

Oxya Origin NFT Collection


Q4 2022

  • Season 2 battle for Genesis & Best Players Rewards
  • Oxya Marketplace
  • Complete DAO Launch

2023 – 2024

  • Whole OXYAVERSE Active with all the Planets, Lands & Ecosystem’s Expansion
  • Showroom Bricks Integrated to the OXYAVERSE
  • Social party on your Land
  • Alpha game release
  • Customise and Personalise your landholdings with in-game assets
  • 1st Aesthetic-Metaverse hosting a collaborate-to-earn MMORPG
  • Other Metaverse Integration

You can read more about the whole project and the roadmap on the whitepaper.

The Oxya Origin team

The team of Oxya Origin consists of entrepreneurs, game developers, marketers, and gaming industry veterans passionate about Web3 and blockchain development. The co-founder and COO is Aaron Baylo, a business strategist with deep knowledge of blockchain. Jacques Garois is the new CEO, has a lot of experiences in many businesses in product design, gaming & marketing.

Oxya Origin has partnered with big players in the space like Ubisoft, Immutable X, and Unreal Engine 5.

Oxya Origin Team
A gaming enthusiast since childhood. Got attracted to the new concept of crypto-gaming and blockchain and fell in the rabbit hole. Now getting ready to dive deep in the metaverse.