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Gods Unchained Promotion for GameStop PowerUp Pro Members

GameStop PowerUp Rewards

Gods Unchained, the blockchain-based competitive trading card game has announced a reward program for GameStop’s PowerUp Pro Reward members. The GameStop PowerUp Pro members will receive NFT trading cards and Gods Unchained expansion packs as rewards as a part of the promotional event. The redemption codes will be sent out to all Power Pro members on September 27, 2022, after which they can redeem the NFT cards and use them in building decks.

Gods Unchained Expansion Pack Redemption

GameStop PowerUp Pro members who are existing members as of September 27, 2022, will be eligible to receive the redemption codes to unlock Gods Unchained Expansion packs. The packs will contain a set of NFT trading cards that can be used to build a deck and participate in multiplayer battles in Gods Unchained. Members can also sell and trade cards to generate income. 

The more you play the game, the higher the number of cards you can unlock; therefore, the expansion packs will benefit all PowerUp Pro members and motivate them to play the game. Pro members must redeem the unique code within one month to claim the expansion packs. Players would have full ownership of this card and be able to use it in any Gods Unchained tournament.

GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro Members

GameStop PowerUp Pro Subscription

The GameStop PowerUp Pro provides members early access to newly released products, console drops, limited edition collectibles, and a 10% bonus trade-in credit for items on the GameStop platform. In addition, players could sign up for the PowerUp rewards program by paying just $15, which gives them access to the subscription for one year. 

Players who sign-up for the program would also receive a $10 welcome reward on becoming a Pro member and a $5 coupon every month. These coupons and cash rewards can be used to redeem games, consoles, PC accessories, and collectibles. 

The program has huge benefits for gamers as thousands of deals and coupons are provided with the subscription. You can become a Pro member by creating an account on the official website. In addition, GameStop is currently working on some promotional events under the PowerUp Pro subscription that will be announced soon.

GameStop PowerUp Pro Subscription

What is Gods Unchained game?

Gods Unchained is an NFT card trading play-to-earn game where players battle against each other using NFT fantasy cards. Players can buy and sell cards through the game’s marketplace. These cards can be used in battles to defeat opponents and earn crypto rewards. 

Players can earn the native token of the game, $GODS, which acts as the payment method inside the game. Rare cards are unique and can be sold for $GODS. Unlike other NFT games, Gods Unchained takes players’ fiat money and converts it. Fiat money or fiat currency is “money a government has deemed or certified as legal tender that they support.” The $GODS token is an ERC-20 token used to create NFTS and gain rewards.

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