Fractal Announces Fractal Developers Platform

Fractal, the Solana gaming launchpad and marketplace has announced a new platform for game developers to build and manage blockchain games. The platform will allow game developers to easily integrate blockchain features in their games by using the APKs and SDKs offered by Fractal. They have also announced the launch of a Marketplace API that would help developers launch in-game marketplaces within minutes.

What is Fractal Developers?

The Fractal Developers platform would make the work of game developers easier by providing a set of APIs that will work with any game client – Unity, Web, Mobile, or Unreal Engine. In addition, it has all the tools that will help you to integrate and build a blockchain game within a limited time. 

Fractal has rolled out a Web SDK that will help developers onboard users into the game by providing an OAuth solution. In addition, the Web SDK will provide all the transaction signing features and APIs to manage users.

Besides this, the developers will access other features such as Wallet authentication, in-game marketplaces, organizing tournaments, and updating on-chain and off-chain metadata.

Fractal Developers Platform

Fractal’s sign-in management system

The Sign-in with Fractal is a fully managed authentication system that will solve the problems of web3 developers and users. It contains the best web2 OAuth solutions that will enable easy onboarding of new users with a social sign-in option and a non-custodial wallet. 

Players can create a wallet using social credentials in under 15 seconds. The developers will easily access the wallet API to get information about wallets and its users. The APIs make it easier to sign transactions without managing user keys. It also provides full OAuth support for logging in on any platform through the APIs. So, in short, the Sign in with Fractal allows developers to automate authentication without going into much detail.

with Fractal

Marketplace API

The Marketplace API helps developers to create an in-game marketplace within 5 minutes. The marketplace would allow players to buy, sell and trade items directly inside the game. It would also help generate revenue for the games. The developers fully control how to display and price assets in the inventory. Fractal will bring more updates to the Marketplace API, enabling users to buy items from the marketplace directly using credit cards.

Fractal Developers - Create in-game Marketplace

Fractal Tournaments API

The tournaments API would help developers host tournaments inside the game and control all features, including scores, attributes, leaderboard, and rewards. Using the API, developers can automatically generate the leaderboard containing the names of players with the highest scores.

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What is Fractal?

Fractal is an open NFT marketplace for buying, discovering, and selling NFTs. It helps create an ecosystem where game companies list NFT drops and in-game assets in the form of NFTs for players to buy. Players can search for NFTs, buy them, and resell too. 

The Fractal Marketplace is positioning itself as the first primary marketplace for gaming NFTs. The gaming developers make the gaming NFTs available before the entire game is launched. Games launched on Fractal launchpad include multi-mode games Tiny Colony, racing games Yaku, real-time strategy games House of Sparta, and MMORPGs Cinder and Nekoverse. 

Fractal Marketplace

The main aim of Fractal is to create a marketplace dedicated to game-related NFTs and provide top-notch transparency and security through the blockchain. It also aims to reduce dependence on existing game marketplaces and pave the way to disrupt the current ecosystem.

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