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Splinterlands Announces Splinterfest, Their First In-Person Event in Vegas

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Splinterlands announced the release of the first in-person game dedicated to the game in Las Vegas. Splinterfest will be a two-day event in collaboration with HyperX Nevada venue beginning on October 8th.

The organizers published a Canva Presentation to list everything that will be available at the event, and it includes the link to purchase the tickets.

Attendees can choose between two ticket types: General Admission, selling for $300, and VIP, currently listed at $2000. General admission tickets are available for purchase via Paypal and SPS, while VIP tickets are only purchasable with the game’s governance token.

Parents can buy a single ticket, and any minor under 16 years old can enter the event for free alongside a ticket holder.

New Limited Edition Character

After the Splinterfest event, a new character will be available in the game as a limited edition promo card which will be available for sale in the Splinterlands shop.

It will be a max-level legendary Summoner card and there will be a total of 1,000 of them for a base price of $1,000 USD each. Each card purchased will also have a 2% chance of being a gold foil version.

General admission ticket holders will get a $300 discount on the purchase, while VIP members get a $2000 reduction. VIP members can also guarantee themselves a gold foil version for $3000 ($5000 base price – the $2000 reduction).

Promo codes associated with the tickets can be sold or transferred. If you’re not interested in the gold foil character, you might prefer to sell the coupon on the open market!

Inside Splinterfest

Splinterlands has always been big on treasure hunts, including them in all Dygycon events, and won’t let you miss the adrenaline of finding a bounty at Splinterfest!

Splinterfest will include digital quests, in-person treasure hunts, and many sleek gaming rigs where you can test your abilities against worthy opponents.

Scavenger hunts and activities will be available throughout the two-day event, and music entertainment will be provided to all attendees.

Splinterfest is WiFi-enabled, and HyperX made sure to include great food and beverage refurbishments across the arena. Alcohol will be available.

List of activities at Splinterfest

The schedule will change, but Splinterlands confirmed there will be a plethora of stages hosting debates, talks, live podcasts and experts. The team will also host a great tournament.

Above all, the event will be a group of like-minded individuals like you passionate about GameFi, DeFi, and blockchain gaming. You can meet entrepreneurs, gamers, and blockchain investors all in the same place!

What is Splinterlands


Splinterlands is a play-to-earn, trading card game running on the Hive blockchain. The game plays in a browser. And thanks to cross-chain functionality, cards and tokens can also be traded on the Ethereum and Wax blockchains. Splinterlands has a governance token, called SPS.

Splinterlands is a cross between a deck-building game and an auto-battler. Players use their cards to build a combat lineup based on the rules of the match. Then, once both sides submit their teams, the cards run in auto-battle mode until only one team remains. Players earn rewards for winning matches, and can also earn additional rewards through Daily Quests, Seasonal rewards, and a recurring, two-week leaderboard contest.

a Splinterlands battle in action

Players combine cards to level them up for better stats and additional abilities. This makes all the cards deflationary, with fewer and fewer existing as time passes. Cards come in both regular versions and rarer, gold foil versions. Splinterlands features its own in-game market and allows for buying, selling, and even leasing cards!

Read our full Splinterlands Game Guide here and visit to start playing.

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