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Skyweaver Announces First Mini-Expansion to Clash of Inventors

Clash of Inventors Mini Expansion

In hopes of driving the userbase up, Skyweaver announced a new mini-expansion, an addendum to “Clash of Inventors”, releasing in September. The new expansion is a relatively small update, and won’t change any of the existing new mechanics shipped in Skyweaver. We already explored all the details of Clash of Inventors in a previous article.

The expansion is shipping together with “Patch 100” of the game, a milestone the team is excited to reach. The mini-update includes 20 new cards, 10 units, and 10 spells, taking the total available cards available for deckbuilding to 600.

What to Expect From The Mini-Expansion

As usual, Horizon Studios likes to tease us by spoiling a preview of the expansion, while holding several live events announcing new cards and events.

You can see the full card release calendar here: 


A full breakdown of the spoilers can be found on their main announcement page. These are the ones picked up by our team as the most relevant and innovative to keep an eye on:

  • A unit that costs more than 10 mana. This could lead to a new meta composition for aggro decks and fans of big creatures; 
  • A card that’s inspired by a Wisdom Card; 
  • A strength card that can draw a 3 cost card; 
  • An agility card that can deal 10+ points of direct damage to an enemy hero when paired with another agility card;
  • A 6 cost unit that can grow as large as 13/13 – huge monsters, low cost!

The first card announced together with the post is “Hugeify”, an earth spell with a mana cost of 8 targeting ally units giving them 8/8 and Dash. 

Make sure to follow the schedule if you’re interested in learning about the new cards step by step. Following the Play to Earn magazine also ensures you don’t miss any update, as we cover Skyweaver on a weekly basis.

In conclusion, this small expansion doesn’t add any meaningful change to the gameplay but could impact the meta decks massively. The introduction of a greatly powerful spell, multiple powerful creatures, and more buffs for ally cards makes deckbuilding better and adds more gold cards to the game, increasing the play-to-earn aspect.

This small expansion can boost user base and provide avid players a chance to dust off some old compositions.

What is Skyweaver

Buy and sell cards in the marketplace

Skyweaver is a fantasy-themed, collectible card game with play and earn opportunities. Getting started is free and easy. The onboarding process is very smooth and the tutorials available make the game easy to approach, even if you are unfamiliar with the trading card game genre. Before entering PvP arenas you will need to gain experience by battling against bots. You will earn basic cards and heroes along the way to help build your first decks. Skyweaver also offers a ‘Discovery’ game mode, where each player begins with a semi-random deck.

The game plays in your web browser or with the native apps available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. All the information to get started can be found in our Skyweaver guide here. More information about the game economy and the team’s vision can be found in this article.

To learn more about the game, read our full Skyweaver Review.

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