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Splinterlands Announces Tower Defense Game

Splinterlands Tower Defense Game roadmap

Splinterlands has hinted for a while that they were working on another game. Now it’s revealed! That game, called Splinterlands Tower Defense Game, or SPLTD, will be part of the Splinterlands ecosystem, and feature use cases for DEC, SPS, Vouchers, and even Splinterlands cards.

The Splinterlands Tower Defense Game is an upcoming auto-battler, tower defense game that will be part of the Splinterlands ecosystem. Featuring its own set of NFTs in the form of Towers, Spells, and Heroes, SPLTD will also provide features that utilize Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), SPS tokens, VOUCHERS, and Splinterlands NFTs!

Unlike most tower defense games, you won’t be able to make changes during a creep wave. Instead, you set out your towers, spells, and heroes, hit play and hope that you made the right choices!

Players earn rewards as they play and complete levels. The team has already put forth an SPS governance proposal to reallocate one million of the monthly SPS tokens that were assigned to the Splinterlands team, and use these tokens as rewards in the Tower Defense Game. So far the vote is 97% in favor. In addition to the potential SPS rewards, SPLTD will also hand out game NFTs. After each level, players have the choice of stopping, and banking their earnings, or moving on to the next level and taking a chance on losing some or all of it if they lose!

SPLTD for Short

SPLTD will feature account bound progression. Certain items needed to reach higher levels of the game will be bound to your account and untradeable. This keeps players from just buying their way to the highest reward ranks. They still have to play and accumulate the needed resources to level up in-game.

The team expects to have 25 different towers available for the initial relases. SLPTD also includes Spell NFTs. Attach Spell NFTs to towers to provide additional bonuses and effects. In addition, Heroes make an appearance in the game. Semi-mobile units that fight until they run out of hit points.

Since SPLTD is PvE only, and it features rewards for playing, the game will almost certainly attract bots. To combat 24/7 farming, the cards themselves will have reduced earn rates the more they are used. Players may choose to spend DEC tokens to recharge the energy reserves on cards.

SPLTD will feature card merging for upgrades, in a similar style to Splinterlands.

The Splinterlands Tower Defense Game will also support the use of cards from the main Splinterlands game. Stake Splinterlands NFTs into Towers to give them bonuses. While cards are staked in SPLTD, they cannot be used for anything else. They can’t be played in Splinterlands, rented, traded, or loaned. Unstaking cards will take some time, though players will have the option of spending DEC and/or VOUCHERS to shorten the unstaking period.

Future plans include potential PvP and co-op PvE. Beta is expected by the end of the year (2022).

SPLTD Pack Sale

The initial pre-sale for SPLTD packs could happen as early as Sep 20th! The team expects to create two million packs with 250 thousand of those allotted to the pre-sale. And, as they have done for the past few expansions in Splinterlands, participants in the pre-sale have a chance to receive an exclusive hero.

Each pre-sale pack purchased has a 0.2% chance to receive the Promo Hero. Those who purchase at least 500 packs receive a guaranteed copy of the Promo Hero NFT, as well as a limited edition title and avatar, and access to the closed beta.

SPLTD packs cost $8 each, though using a voucher provides a $3 discount. Packs contain 5 towers cards and may only be purchased with DEC or Credits

The team also plans to offer additional airdrops to pack purchasers as the sale progresses. The number in parentheses show how many packs you need to have purchased at each level to receive a guaranteed airdrop

  • 250,000 packs – Promo Hero
  • 750,000 packs – Tower (550 packs)
  • 1,250,000 packs – Spell (600 packs)
  • 1,750,000 packs – Tower (650 packs)
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