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Gameta Play-to-Earn Launch on the BNB Chain

gameta is now on the bnb chain

Gameta has just ranked the coveted “Most Played Game” title in our weekly charts. This web3 gaming hub has gained much attention since its launching in the BNB (Binance) chain last August 27, 2022. Just three days after its release, it amassed over 46,000 users. By September 4, it then reached a whopping 523k active players. So let’s see: how did this casual gaming platform skyrocket up the ladder? 

Gameta’s new version on the BNB chain

Formerly built on Solana, Gameta has migrated onto the BNB chain. Along with it, Gameta now has a play-to-earn (P2E) version available for public testing. More games on the BNB chain will be released gradually and will soon be launched on Gameta’s official website as promised by the developers.

To use the BNB version, both newbies and players of the previous version need to create a new account and follow simple steps since their P2E model only works on the BNB chain version. Once the registration is done, you get to play hyper-casual games–they’re lightweight and instantly playable. Loads of rewards (GDO tokens) await you with consistent check-ins and at the end of each level!

Aside from P2E, Gameta also has a Hippo NFT (non-fungible token) system, a feature that sets the P2E genre apart from the average game. This NFT can be used in all the games on the platform and can be utilized to gain revenue. 

Gameta ranked 1st among all games on the BNB chain

Recently, Gameta ranked no. 1 in the daily active user ranking of gaming apps and no. 3 among all apps on the BNB chain. According to DappRadar, Gameta Games has reached the highest number of daily active users among all the gaming apps in the BNB chain.

Play-to-earn gamers are being drawn by Gameta simply because it promotes an easy, fun, and rewarding web3 gaming experience along with its other features (NFT, 2-token model, and crypto wallet). It also facilitates the smooth transition of web2 gamers who wish to level up. Among others, Gameta encourages them to participate in hyper-casual and device-friendly web3 games anytime anywhere. 

Gameta games include Ghost Run, a horror-themed parkour game, Invest Master, and Ants Runner among others. You may visit their website to check out all the available games.

A preview of a few Gameta games

Gameta games include Ghost Run, Ants Runner, and Invest Master, among others. 

Ghost Run is a horror-themed parkour game where players take the role of the ghost. The main goal of the game is to chase the child’s prey by going through obstacles. The ghost character evolves when it runs through green tokens (skull, scythe). But red ones (garlic, bible) seems to prevent the transformation. You complete the level by catching the child’s prey before it reaches the cemetery gate.  

Ants Runner, on the other hand, is a “multiply runner” game. The goal of the game is to gain as many ants by the end of the level to get more bonus points. To increase the number of ants, you have to run through numbers that either add or multiply the ant runners. Just be careful of the traps. It could dwindle your ant population to zero.

Invest Master is a laidback game. The goal is to get as much money at the end of the level. The player can walk through the “stocks” with high market prices to gain money. Meanwhile, walking through the stocks with low market prices will reduce your pot money. The more money you earn, the more bonus points you get after each level.

You may visit their website to check out all these fun games and more!

How to start playing to earn with Gameta

  1. Click the download link given on their official website to install your preferred dApp (decentralized app/game) on the BNB chain and follow the registration process. Make sure to bind a login email. After successful registration, you will automatically receive 10,000 GDO tokens and a free Hippo NFT.
  2. You can now start playing your preferred dApp. The games are generally divided into different levels and it usually takes less than a minute to complete. At the end of each level, you will be rewarded with GDO. You can also earn GDO rewards by checking in consistently.
  3. In order to boost your GDO earnings, you’ll need to buy a Common Hippo worth $2.99. Gameta will charge 10,000 GDO as a mint fee. Of the two types, Common Hippo serves as the best helper for you to earn GDO. The NFT has 3 attributes: health, stamina, and efficiency.
  • Health determines the health and life cycle of the NFT.
  • Stamina determines how many game levels you can pass. It will be restored in time.
  • Efficiency affects the amount of GDO token rewards you can get at the end of each level. You can replenish these attributes using GDO

Note: Currently, GDO is Gameta’s only in-game token. You may convert GDO to USDC and turn it into your personal asset (10,000 GDO = 1 USDC, fixed rate). 

What is Gameta?

Gameta is a Web3 project on the BNB blockchain launched last August 27, 2022. This gaming hub hosts several simple and fun play-to-earn games suitable for web2 gamers who want to explore web3 gaming platforms. Among other web3 gaming projects, Gameta has helped popularize the mobile-friendly casual gaming trend we’re seeing recently.

Its core mission is to “Lead the migration of billions of users to web 3.0, settling in and building a metaverse that is truly theirs.”

With the planned expansion of the developers, this ever-growing web3 ecosystem holds the potential to lead and influence web3 gaming in the future.