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Cross The Ages Releases Game Economy Updates

Cross The Ages Game Economy Update

Cross the Ages, a new collectible card game, has released their game economy updates, including benefits of holding CTA Tokens and a community token pre-sale. In addition, the CTA team released a YouTube video recently to explain how the game economy works in Cross the Ages. 

In Cross the Ages, players collect unique NFT cards by completing quests. The dystopian fantasy world of Cross the Ages has countless NFTs hidden for the players to find. The project has received investments from major companies such as Ubisoft, Polygon, and Animoca Brands.

Gold, Prana, and CTA Tokens

Before the game economy update, CTA had three currencies Gold, Crystal, and CTA. The developers have officially changed the name of Gold currency to Trisel and Crystal to Prana, as these names resemble the lore of Cross The Ages. All three currencies have specific utilities. 

The Prana is used to acquire off-chain assets such as paid cosmetics or Chests, and Trisel is used for crafting and in-game transformation between assets such as free cosmetics. Finally, the CTA Token is used for on-chain activities such as participating in E-tournaments, minting, and trading.

The only way to get CTA and Prana Tokens is to buy them. Players can also receive them during special events. However, the Trisel cards need not be purchased and can only be acquired by winning chests at the end of a game. The Prana token can be bought in the in-game shop and has a fixed value, whereas the CTA token can be purchased or converted from Prana. The price of the $CTA Token will remain at 0.5$ until listing.

Cross The Ages Token

The CTA Token Pre-sale Event

The CTA Token Presale will start on September 23, 2022, during the release of the early access of Cross The Ages: TCG. The pre-sale event will be reserved for players having pre-sale packs. Owners of pre-sale packs will be able to buy chests containing CTA tokens at a discounted price. There will be chests containing different amounts of CTA Tokens, such as 100, 250, 500, and 1000. Players would be able to receive a discount on only one of the chests.

The CTA Token unit price is kept at 0.13$, and the discount will be 0.50$. The CTA Token pre-sale packs have been divided based on quantity, token airdrop, and the best chest to apply the discount. 

The Standard, Apprentice, Disciple, and Primus packs have 2000, 10605, 2031, and 4884 tokens, respectively. The best chests to apply discounts for the above packs will be 0, 500, 500, and 1000 CTA Tokens, respectively. 

Cross The Ages Token Community Sales Overview

According to the buying limit of CTA Tokens, players can buy as many tokens as they want, but there is a cap determined by the pre-sale packs opened. For example, a Primus pack has a cap of 1500 CTA Tokens, while the Apprentice and Disciple packs have a cap of 600 and 750 CTA Tokens.

About Cross The Ages

Cross the Ages is a collectible NFT card game where players face off in intense turn-based duel matches. Each match has a duration of average 5 minutes. The game’s objective is to conquer and control the maximum area with the battle arena. Each game starts with both players having 20 digital cards. Then, 10 cards are randomly selected to form the player’s deck, and the fight starts. 

The game has an exclusive concept of converting digital cards into physical ones and thus creating a unique experience in merging the digital and physical worlds. The game aims to allow players to hold digital assets and bring them to life.

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