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Green Rabbit Introduces Armor Fusion

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At long last, crafters in the Green Rabbit game will be able to complete their Greenprints. Armor Fusion allows players to craft anima armor NFTs, for trading, and for equipping in the game! Armor Fusion is the final component of the crafting system. Crafted armor provides various bonuses when racing based on the armor stats.

Turtle armor NFT

Starting on September 6th, 4pm PST, Green Rabbit armor crafters will be able to complete their Greenprints, fusing them into an armor NFT that can be equipped in-game and traded on the secondary markets. The quality of the armor is based on the lowest quality among all the components. So to get an exquisite quality armor, all six components on the armor must be exquisite level.

But Armor Fusion is not a guaranteed success. The chance for a successful armor fusion depends on the quality level of the individual armor components, and whether or not the Anima mod added to the Greensmith, matches the totem of the Armor being fused. The formula is a little too complex to easily break down. You can read the details on the Armor Fusion gitbook page.

It will be interesting to see how the market for these Armor NFTs plays out. Since players have been accumulating completed Greenprints for a while, I suspect that the initial release will see a large number of armor NFTs hitting the markets. It will also be interesting to see how much of an effect the boosted stats have on races!

Custom Skins, Apartment Customization, and Race Updates

custom skin in Green Rabbt
custom skin in Green Rabbit

Along with this armor update come a number of other features. Green Rabbit introduces a traveling merchant who will sell custom skins for all of their armor types. With the initial store launch, the following skins will be available:

  • Red color swap skin for all 4 totems
  • Blue color swap skin for all 4 totems
  • White color swap skin for all 4 totems
  • A two-tone skin for all 4 totems
  • An Ice Rabbit skin
  • A Lava Turtle skin
  • A Woodling Cat skin
  • A Storm Snake skin
  • A Samurai Rabbit skin ( premium)
  • A Samurai Cat skin ( premium)
  • A Ninja Snake skin (premium)
  • A Ninja Turtle skin (premium)

Sounds like a nice variety of options! Green Rabbit also plans to sell apartment decoration packs. Players will be able to customize their apartments with various accessories found in the packs. The packs come in four types, basic, lighting, furniture, and decorations. Each pack can contain a variety of items in different rarities. All in-game purchases are made with SHELL tokens.

And, with the introduction of equippable armor comes a change to the general race mechanics. There will still be free races, open to everyone. But, to enter a standard race and potentially earn rewards, players must equip a suit of Anima armor and pay a deposit of 1 million SHELL tokens. If a player fails to show up for a race they signed up for, or leaves a race early, they forfeit their deposit. Players can cancel their race reservation up to 5 minutes before the race starts and receive their deposit back. Races include from five to eight players, with the amount of rewards based on the number of racers.

In addition, this update brings an updated user interface and improved game performance.

What is Green Rabbit?

Green Rabbit race screenshot
race for prizes

Green Rabbit is a 3D racing game built on the Wax blockchain. Players wear special Anima Armor and compete in racing events known as Ultra-Anima. Equipped in special, crafted Anima-Armor, racers seek to prove their worth in this contest. Winners receive prizes which could include the game currency Shellinium, NFTs, and game resources.

Players stake NFTs to earn Shellinium (SHELL), the official Green Rabbit token. With that Shellinium and various NFTs, players craft Greenprints, and from those Greenprints, Anima-Armor. Crafting armor requires completing six components, Boots, Chest, Gloves, Pants, and Helmet.

Green Rabbit is also creating a virtual world, with player interactions, social hubs, quests, and customizable apartments

The game is currently in alpha and free to play.

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