StepN First Anniversary Movement and Challenge

StepN - Its a Movement

As StepN turns 1 this September, it is organizing the STEPNEMBER challenge and a brand-new “It’s A Movement” campaign to commemorate the company’s first anniversary. The campaign is a movement centered on the five major values of StepN: health and wellness, social connectedness, environmental responsibility, financial freedom, and bridging web2 and web3.

Improving health and wellness is the topmost mission of StepN through jogging, walking, and running. StepN is already disrupting the fitness tech industry by incentivizing its users, gamifying fitness, and creating habits by improving its users’ physical and mental health.

Promoting social connections through communities was also among the mission of the company. StepN believes that communities are the solution to loneliness and social engagement dormancy. This is why StepN is organizing digital campfires where exercisers will connect in a real community to share and discuss their experiences.

Also, combating climate change and improving sustainability is one of the priorities of StepN. They are achieving this by donating 100,000 USD to Nori, a blockchain-backed Carbon Removal Marketplace, and promoting projects aligned with StepN’s mission.

“At StepN, we whole-heartedly believe in harnessing the power of blockchain, Game-Fi and Social-Fi for the betterment of global health and sustainability. Working with Nori will allow us to lead the charge and be the change we want to see in our world”.

Yawn Rong, StepN’s Co-founder

However, StepN is planning to bring financial freedom to its users, which is also among what the movement stands for. Its users will be financially upright at the same time, physically fit. This will be enabled by the financial rewards of StepN to their users by giving out their tokens which are GMT and GST.

There are also other means StepN is using to stabilize its financial infrastructure and game economy. Among them are Realms which transform intangible value into tangible value for users. Also, it has launched its own Decentralised Exchange (DEX) DOOARS, built on Solana to increase their revenue.

Lastly, StepN’s movement also focused on bridging the gap between web2 and web3 by onboarding diverse users from web2 to web3.

StepN Mobile App

About STEPNEMBER Challenge

To commemorate the first anniversary, StepN is hosting a challenge called STEPNEMBER. This challenge has four phases and offers a substantial reward of 100,000 GMT, divided among the top 20 entries in each phase. The challenge also includes a grand prize of 20,000 GMT for the overall winners of each phase.

The main motives behind this movement and challenge are to promote not only physical and social health but also the health of the planet. These three key areas are powered by STEPN’s financial system, which also serves as the driver for bringing in new and diverse users to the web3 movement.

SpteN Challenge

The schedule of the four phases of STEPNEMBER Challenge is as below:

Challenge 1 – StepN Before/After – September 2, 2022 to September 8, 2022

How did this year’s StepN footwear affect you, from the beginning to the end? Send a Before and After photo of your progress using the StepN App, and they’ll share their favorites with the community.

Challenge 2 – 12,000 Steps – September 9, 2022 to September 15, 2022

This particular challenge was aimed at connecting with nature by taking 12,000 steps. Did you know that taking 12,000 steps daily can help you avoid emitting nearly 10 lbs of CO2 through vehicle emissions? Tell StepN about your experience with the 12,000 Step Challenge.

Challenge 3 – Burger Burn – September 16, 2022 to September 22, 2022

With the STEPN stairs challenge, you’ll show StepN how many burgers you burn daily by running up the stairs. You can burn 19 calories per minute by running up the stairs; that’s an average cheeseburger every 13 minutes.

Challenge 4 – Best Running Friends Forever – September 23, 2022 to September 29, 2022

The likelihood of sticking with a healthy practice is higher for people who have running partners. So in the final StepN challenge, you’ll share your crew’s longest run, walk or jog with StepN.

StepN Distance Run Together

How to participate in the STEPNEMBER Challenge?

Following are the steps to participate in the STEPNEMBER Challenge:

  1. Post a Picture or Video on Twitter or Instagram in line with the theme (Please note: Instagram stories are not counted)
  2. Follow the StepN Twitter and Instagram pages
  3. Include the relevant hashtags in your post #STEPNEMBER, #STEPN and the challenge hashtag (#STEPNbeforeafter #STEPN12000 #STEPNburgerburn or #STEPNBRFF)

StepN Ambassadors will grade the top submissions using the following standards: Video Quality Clear, (Well-taken, Well lit) Video Content (Fun, Engaging, Relevant to the theme), and Engagement Rate (Retweets, Shares, Likes). The higher the engagement rate, the higher the chance of winning.

Winners from challenges will be announced weekly via the STEPN Official Twitter account.

On-Chain Analysis of StepN’s Token and NFTs

According to Coinmarketcap, GST has a total supply of 567,690,717. GST was $1.1513 on December 22, 2021, and as of September 18, 2022, it is $0.03356 with All Time High (ATH) of $9.03. GST also has a trading volume of $3,506,125.10 with a live market cap of $18,704,365.

GST Price Chart

On the other hand, GMT has a total supply of 6,000,000,000. GMT was $0.1376 on March 10, 2022, and as of September 18, 2022, it was $0.6538 with All Time High (ATH) of $4.11. GMT also has a trading volume of $74,753,905.91 with a live market cap of $391,011,834.

GMT Price chart

Data on Dune Analytics shows that the number of StepN’s NFT/Sneakers minted was 1,654 in January of this year and 4,031 this month, with an all-time high of 349,782 in May 2022.

StepN Analysis

About StepN

StepN is the world’s first move-to-earn NFT mobile game. It’s a web3 lifestyle app with social and game elements founded by fintech studio Find Satoshi Lab, Australia, and powered by Solana. The first public beta was released in late December 2021. 

StepN has two different tokens, Green Satoshi Token (GST), a utility token, and Green Metaverse Token (GMT), a governance token. Users burn tokens to level up, repair, and mint new Sneakers to sell or lease on the marketplace.

StepN’s objective is to encourage millions of people to live healthier lifestyles, bringing them into the Web 3.0 space while positively impacting the planet by promoting carbon neutrality.

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