You Can Now Buy NFTs with Your Credit Card on Fractal

Fractal credit card payments for NFT purchases

Yes, you read it right! Access to non-fungible token (NFT) purchases on Factal via credit card is now possible, thanks to their partnership with Paper. This new Fractal feature provides the easiest onboarding experience to web3 gamers among the crypto wallets.

Among other benefits, it saves gaming enthusiasts from the long and painful process of linking crypto wallets with exchanges, play-to-earn games, and other blockchain applications. With the evolution of the gaming industry brought about by web3 gaming, Fractal is delivering new products and services so players can have a more meaningful and hassle-free gaming experience.

Fractal: Bridging web3 gaming to the masses

Bridging the gap between crypto assets and the masses is basically the core mission of Fractal. The complexity of handling crypto wallets and taking custody of assets among others is a continuous barrier of the NFT platforms against billions of gamers around the world.

Seeing that need, Fractal has devised products that would break through that wall and make web3 gaming platforms open to everyone. Hence, the launch of the feature allows you to buy NFTs with your credit card.

Recently, Fractal launched the “Sign in with Fractal” feature. This allows the users to create a crypto wallet using their Twitter, Discord, or Google account in a matter of seconds. It’s also designed to reduce the chances of phishing attacks or hacking.

Aside from security, Fractal also provides resources where players can engage in a community and buy NFTs or other unique in-game assets sweat-free. Now, players can use their mobile devices to access their Fractal wallet and pay using their credit card—finally.

Buying NFTs using a credit card

Fractal players won’t be going through the hustle and bustle of NFT purchases anymore. In partnership with Paper, Fractal now accepts credit card payments. Just click “Buy with Credit Card” after checkout and provide the required billing details. Then, you will automatically receive the NFT in your Fractal wallet in real time. As easy as that!

This is a total shortcut in contrast to the traditional mode of payment where players have to go purchase a cryptocurrency (e.g., ETH) and wait for a long time—sometimes days for the KYC processing and then fund transfer to your crypto wallet.

What is Fractal?

Fractal is a Solana NFT gaming marketplace that facilitates gaming companies, builds NFTs, and provides user-friendly tools open to worldwide gamers. The Fractal wallet contains several innovations including:

  • Application programming interface (API) and software development kits (SDKs). These give gaming developers an avenue to manage, build and innovate top web3 games
  • In-game asset trading system
  • Safe and non-custodial wallet
  • Easy-to-buy NFTs
  • Interactive community

If you wish to learn more about Fractal, visit or follow Fractal on Twitter.