DeFi Land to Launch a Mobile version

DeFi Land Mobile Version

DeFi Land, the farming simulator game built on the Solana blockchain, will soon be getting a mobile version. DeFi Land is a free-to-play game that allows players to earn money by harvesting crops, trading and crafting resources, and competing with opponent players. The mobile version of the game will have smoother gameplay, new functionalities, a new leaderboard, and slightly different gameplay compared to the browser version.

Besides this announcement, the developers also shared the news that the DeFi Land mobile will be the first app on the upcoming Solana Saga phone. The developers are currently working on migrating the application to a new blockchain to grow the DeFi Land ecosystem.

DeFi Land mobile version

The DeFi Land mobile version will open up new boundaries for the game as it will have many features that are not compatible with browser-based platforms. This will enable access to a more extensive player base and help improve the DeFi Land ecosystem. The web-based game also had some drawbacks as it depends on the hardware and OS specifications of the system. 

The most important part of the game is the DeFi or Decentralized finance. It will emulate all the popular features of the DeFi world and help players understand how DeFi works. DeFi Land Mobile will offer better gameplay even on phones with lower technical specifications. The developers have kept in mind that a good gameplay experience will onboard more players onto the web3 ecosystem.

DeFi Land Mobile Version Gameplay

The mobile version will have new assets, leaderboards, missions, and more. Players will start the game from a village and eventually upgrade to new buildings and features over time. They can use digital currencies to customize the village and upgrade it. In addition, the developers will integrate a new mobile wallet that will allow players to harvest and spend the rewards stored on the wallet.

The major gameplay changes will be observed in the fishing mode, where players can perform interactive gestures using touch. Similarly, the shooting game has been made similar to the tower defense style games. The NFT utilities will remain the same on the mobile version. Players can switch between the web and app versions whenever they want. 

The mobile version is aimed at offering a lag-free gaming experience and reaching a wider audience. Players playing the web version will receive priority access to the mobile beta version. For others, they have to wait till the beta testing of the game begins.

DeFi Land Mobile Version Gameplay

“It’s time we finally put an end to the mystery of GM once and for all. In the last two weeks, we saw many interesting ideas: good morning, goldy markets, great minds, general manager, or game modes. However, we have something even more exciting to announce today. GM means that DeFi Land is Going Mobile. We proudly report that we have completed our 3D visual assets and broken ground on DeFi Land mobile gameplay.” 

DeFi Land Development Team

What is DeFi Land?

DeFi Land is a farming blockchain game based on the concept of decentralized finance. The game allows players to start for free and eventually earn by completing missions and competing with other players. The game has various DeFi features, including swap, liquidity, staking, and yield farming, administration, customizable lands, and achievements.

Players can use fake assets in the game’s guided version and understand DeFi’s basics. A land in DeFi Land contains a house, market, seed laboratory, farm board, bank, and radio tower. $DFL is the native utility token of the game and can be used for competing, trading in-game assets, and voting for governance decisions. A total of 110,000,000 DFL tokens have been allocated for the game.

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